Mach Fox – The Sky Is Falling

artist: Mach Fox
title: The Sky Is Falling
format: digital album
keywords: doom-pop, electropunk, retro, gothrock, sci-fi,industrial,

After all the sound and noisy kind of music i thought it would be a great joy to sink in something completely different. And it can not be more different than the highly original style than the dark romantic glam rock music of Mach Fox! The sky is falling” is the title of this EP which has amazing looking artwork that speaks to the imagination.. lets listen to the music and absorb the sounds.

Mach Fox kicks your face with the finest gothrock in the universe. From the first second to the last he makes your ass move like it has not done before!  “maybe i was too good, maybe i was too strong..” the lyrics go and i can tell you in the case of Mach Fox it isn’t a bad thing to be too good or too strong! This track is brilliantly good and kicks your funky ass in strong-ness and you will love it! It got a sweet glow of pure retro passion all shining over it. We hear extremely funky played guitars locked with a tight beat that swings together with mach fox lyrics. It is catchy, it is fun, funky and above all the ultimate party track to play in a bat cave of choice! put on your leather pants, smear corps paint all over your face and dance the night away!

The next track is “Dr. Night” and is a heavy weight of well produced glamrock with heavy synthetic base sounds. great fitting lyrics and awesome riffs of a heavenly heavy guitar that just rocks like it should fucking rock! “this is the night the living dead walk” we hear and before you know it you”ll find yourself head banging with ultimate delight!

are you ready for a wicked upbeat party? Mach Fox realized the perfect track to go mental with this great track that is called “like the dragon”! This is probably my personal favorite on the release as it is a irresistible tune! If you can resist the awesomeness than you are probably deaf as this rocks my dark socks! A song about being chased by a mistress who is gonna eat you alive never have sounded like so much fun! great vocal performance, menacing guitar riffs and even surprising vocoder fun! This all with a beat that simply makes this track in a wicked piece of upbeat music, that you want to rock out to!

“nu dead pretty” is the next song and sound more industrial in its theme.
A lot of breaks and effects makes this tune less accessible than the other tracks on this wicked release.
But on the same hand the tune makes complete sense in the placings of all the elements that makes it into a well thought of track. probably this track is in the genre that its too good for my own personal taste. So much things going on which all makes sense, but my brain is obviously not evolved enough to comprehend. (it says more about me having lost some braincells, than about the production of Mach Fox)

“the carousel” is more my cup of tea as this is a to the point track of electro wave glam rock! It tells a story of pure dark romance and I simply love the song structure and the catchy great vocals by Mach Fox. His voice sounds warm and sincere and makes all the goth birds melt of hopelessness. Really a cool track that (without doubt) makes you fall in love with Mach Fox and his sound!

Here is a great follow up track of a different kind that will melt every girl and boys heart and fill it up with shimmering feelings of love! Taste your tongue” is the sexy title for a track where Mach Fox sings a epic rock tune that simply rocks with hotness! “you are my fantasy” the lyrics go and this with ultimate cool and sweet sounding synth melodies on top of the funky guitar work, creates a memorable track to end this release with.

Its hard to resist the charm of Mach Fox, either you love it or you love it but sure you gonna fall in love with it. It feels like Mach Fox has put a spell on the music and catches your soul in a seemingly harmless way. I think even though he definitely presents a dark reign over here, it also feels hopelessly romantic. Of course there is lots of dancing, funky riffs and perfect song structures for you to sing along with! but especially be aware of the last two tracks, as Mach Fox will simply make you fall in love with him.
And before you know it you will join the groupies in his private cave where Mach Fox will suck your soul for more inspiration for upcoming new songs! But you gonna love it though!

enjoy the dark romantic music of Mach Fox over here:

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