Totalitny Rezim – Exit Humanity

artist: Totalitny Rezim
title: Exit Humanity
cat: CGR – 228
format: mp3
keywords: noise, field recordings, drone, experimental
label: Completely Gone Recordings

Adolf Hypnotic Jagelson, I.V.Martinez, Artmiso Couchniere &Johny Johnanny are Totalitny Rezim. They describe themselves as experimental sound and psycho industrial noise makers. Their album “Exit Humanity” is my first introduction of this team of audio professionals and after a long night of being eaten alive by red fire ants i feel like  i am definitely ready and in the mood for some aggressive violence!

The first track is called “DIAGNOSIS” and sure give my ears what Totalitny Rezim prommised in their description. We hear some kind of dark violent world where some kind of electronically wired wild lion wait for its prey. After a little time of dangerous observing by the king of this sneaky jungle of evil the beast attacks us with full force! Our eyes are getting scratched out, our flesh is being bitten off, and our arms and legs are breaking like twigs under pressure of this attack by this wild creature defending its natural habitat. In real life i am still under attack by red fire ants who have taken over my bed and are munching on my body, but somehow this track reminds me that it could have been much worse…

“TR Aianus Anus Versus Ian Hadrian” is the next track that takes us in the middle of a war zone. we hear some zulu rebels playing their warmongering songs of toughness, while ultra violence is pleasing our ears with great sophisticated force of destruction! It feels like we are at some kind of black market place where people normally sell stolen goods and today its the day to wipe out the competition by shooting each other with machine guns! Even though on paper this all may sound very gruesome sound wise, but in fact the ‘music’ is pretty listenable and enjoyable. Its nice to hear well crafted fun noise without pushing the volume too much in the red. It makes it accessible and obviously a great way to experience this kind of music. And if you don’t agree someone is going to blow some fine bullets in between your ears!

“Slaughterhouse Music” is a great track that is noisy and lots of mental fun! We hear one crazy blast of crazy fun, singing like animals in a blender, flushing toilets, extreme noise that keeps our ears on their toes of excitement. In all the noise we hear some  crystal  clear sounds but its mostly pure insanity where this tune is all about! It feels like these sound artists are having shit loads of fun creating something so cuckoo and animalistic that it is a pure joy to listen to. The track is moving and exciting and sure hit the jackpot of completely gone records! mental!

after this ultimate noise fest of fun we hear the track “Noizea Fetishit”. It feels like we have being tele transported in some kind of crazy asylum. A place where the inhabitants are living in a overcrowded space and are all making noises of despair. some of them being chained to the wall but most of them walking around like zombies after terrible shock therapy treatments and other wild experiments.

“T.R. In Your Head” picks up the previous theme where i was talking about, but now we hear probably what one of these tortured patient hears inside his brain damaged head. It feels like being trapped while being on high voltage, iron bangs and rhythmic noises that creates a atmosphere of feverish attempts of escaping the madness that has taken over the mind by the nasty doctors their torturous experiments. Impossible to make a normal thought while listening to this track as everything seems to be cluttered with non stop falling noises and no way of escaping it. great and interesting stuff!

“Russegdaemo” brings our ears a little bit of peace. Not that this is ambient, this is yet again sound manipulation of the noise kind, but it seems like we are able to block all the mental challenges we heard earlier on. a well placed break for our twisted and baked ears!

next up is the awesome track called “Excavator Hammer Terror”. We hear for our pleasure exciting sounds of indescribable things. metallic objects getting beaten with a stick? someone hittingthose metallic fences? This in combination with deep base sounding sounds creates a absolute thrill of audio. We hear some vocal presents that guide our ears with delight in this curious sounding track.

after our visit of the mental department of a asylum i think we hear in “Strange(a)rs” the mental guard sleeping in his  little hide away. Instead of snoring in a deep state of unnatural sleep he make some kind of dog sounds. We hear the chair cracking and the buzzing of some shit fly”s makes our ears believe that there most be some rotten food all over the place..

“T.R.I.ple Dementia” takes over with a sound that reminds me of my nights in Cambodia. The sounds that crawls over the landscapes from temples or moscs in the far distance and the noises of whatever the people do in their nightly activity”s. we hear people talking, activities of a unknown culture and it completely satisfies our interests.

Down (Deep Mix) feels like a field recording far away from the previous scene. we hear animal rumblings nearby, tropical birds and frogs creating a appearance in a constant flow of noise jungle-ism.

The last track on this album is “The Eye Of Abyss” and is a case of moving death ambient. it soothes our ears and heart with a sound of warmth and loneliness.

With this calming end i can only conclude that “Exit Humanity” is a album that is perhaps noise of a sophisticated kind as the complete thing is incredibly listenable. It speaks to the imagination of the listener and is a great soundtrack for whatever you are doing + it adds excitement in your normal day environment. These artist sure sounded like one great team and they really made this album interesting from begin to the smoothing end. great stuff if you are into manipulated field recordings and noise that keeps your imagination flowing!
Check it out for yourself over here:

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