Pollux / Elechronica / Mock The Masses – The 3Way Split Single

Artists: Pollux / E;echronica / Mock The Masses
tit;e: The 3Way Split Single
cat: Siro126
keywords: Dream Techno, Electronica, other, lobit
label: Sirona Records

Pollux , Elechronica & Mock The Masses teamed up for a incredible fun 3way split single!
Electronica , dream techno stuff that is perfect material for moments that you don’t want to think to much, but just want to enjoy some good fun electronic music. With these three artists you cannot go wrong in the ‘good’ music department!

Pollux starts off with a delicious track that is called ‘Love is all for you’. This is an incredibly sweet piano-melodic dance track that sounds precisely as what the title suggested. It even touches the good ways of catchiness and feels like one big source of love for the listener. Excellent!

Elechronica brings more sweetness with a tune called ‘REM’. It is electronica of the sweetest kind, and even creates some kind of spiritual feeling of feel good ness.  Sensible goodness!

The last but not the least is the artists ‘ Mock The Masses with a track called’ HealeaH. It starts of as a dance track but transforms in some kind of interesting idm chill track that is a lot of fun to listen to.

This is a little E.P. that is perfect for people who are in the mood for light entertainment,
not in your face, friendly cute electronica in a fine lobit rate. The 3 artists created very different tracks but really fitted well together. They all managed to bring a certain cuteness and brightness in their work. We hear producers at work who love what they do, and they hope you will love it too!
I can say, I was in the mood for this and I truly enjoyed every second of this cute release!
download over here:

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