MushroomWavved Collar – Contra Tussim

artist: MushroomWavved Collar
title: Contra Tussim
cat: SPNet12
keywords:  Industrial Noise, Analog Noise, Rhythmic Noise
label: SP Recordings

no bullshit over here, lets dive straight into this release!

the first track is called ‘Depth’ And is something you don’t expect when reading the hints of genre’s this album contains.  It starts off with something that sounds a bit like this thing over here : bouncing down the staircase.
Of course well recorded and charged with electric, it bounces down until infinity. It meets a manipulated bouncy beat that makes room for the question ‘what we would have done?’
This track is something else, people! And it is definitely refreshing to hear!

The next track is ‘Hight’ and is manipulated audio that feels in the beginning like some kind of swinging noise frank Sinatra swinger, without Frank that is. Well perhaps we hear mister Sinatra on top of this heavy and deep track too, but kindly tortured and strangled while trying to perform his act high on pills and dope.  It swings and is something that is perhaps never heard before. Frank sings even a little bit of priest – pleasing songs before getting pulled of stage rather quickly.
nice job!!

‘Irrational’ starts off with fun rhythmic noises that sounds like to form some kind of basis for some kind of alien performance. Frank is back and sings without his balls on top, while aliens waving him around spiced on a stick in the tempo of this groovy insane music. This is perhaps an incredibly weird experience, but it is also shit load of fun to listen too!

the fourth track is ‘Purple Drank’ and sucks us even deeper in this great world of madness. Simply loving the overdose of effects, reverb and climate changing weird rumblings of bouncing sounds of insanity. This is one of these recordings that makes your mind asking the question if you are perhaps on some funky drugs at the moment? This is lots of fun like a grown up man sliding down the slides and whistling on flutes while slipping in the mudd. It is funny, weird and definitely entertaining craziness!

In ‘Casual’ we find manipulated beats that makes us feel like we are on some alien space ship in shiny track suits, dancing around while polishing the floor with our mop heads. This is the best space job to have and we love it! Nobody is around its just us, this music and one shiny space floor. This is fun to bounce to on those air shoes and bounce your head too while having a mop as a dance partner.  And sure as hell that mop can dance!

‘Threat’ is up next and sucks the listeners in the hallways of the vessel.  We hear our self stumbling or perhaps we are in the mind of the drugged Frank Sinatra? Yes we must be in the mind of Frank, as we hear him trying to sing and cry at the same time while being totally flabbergasted as where the hell he is and what the fuck he is doing there? Searching for a place of recognition and hopelessly fails while walking around on an overdose of muscle relaxers and other chemicals.  He tries to walk but everything around him is wonky and his feet are not very cooperative.  Perhaps I should focus more on how the actual music sounds, but in my head this sounds exactly like this..
a man being wasted in an alien surrounding while struggling hard to walk and being flabbergasted of his whereabouts..

The next track we hear strange manipulated sound that feels a bit like we are in the some kind of dentist chair situation and the alien doctor plays with the machines but in a entirely different way we are used to it back on earth. No full on drilling of the teeth, but perhaps softer and more sophisticated playing around with the tools. Perhaps it is not going for the teeth, but does a more classified job by removing parts of the victim’s brain? Either way it sounds more pleasing sound wise than a actual drill session, but still rather freaky too.  It is called ‘nothing’ so we shouldn’t be to worried about it I guess..

‘Head Lights’ is a slow bouncy track that keeps everything slimy and in the dark. Just how we cool six tentacle creatures like to hear our music! Alienating singing and a feel of wetness makes this tune in to something that isn’t tossed off with! To The point music of the fucking future!

With ‘Into Eternity’ the album has come to an end, and what a beautiful track this is. It feels like a chill out ballad from outer space. A feeling of satisfaction floats around and it feels like a happy ending. Perhaps not so much for Frank Sinatra, but hell we thought that bloke was dead  already…

With the manipulations of beats and strange sounds with great and fun effects, playing around with depth and reverb and chopping up of singing vocals Mushroom Wavved Collar really created a eccentric release over here. And the most brilliant fun is that these 9 tracks really feel like one continuous story that even though it sounds like something extra ordinary, makes a lot of sense too.
Personally I love how MushroomWavved Collar brings humor back in the rhythmic experimental noise field. And creates little story’s or rooms that speak to the visual chapters of the brain in a pure fun way. A lot of fun to listen too, except not perhaps if you are Frank Sinatra!

download this eccentric fun album over here:

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  1. Thank You!This is a very good review.

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