Flat Affect & Ritval Addikt – untitled (Microcassette)

Artists: Flat Affect &  Ritval Addikt
title:  untitled
cat: SPCS17[bis]
format: Microcassette; ziplock baggy & Gauze) 20 Print
keywords: drone, soundscape, horror, noise, dark ambient
label: SP Recordings http://www.sprecordings.com

A pigeon brought a cute little package to the headquarters of ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’. When opening it the eyes of our office workers simply popped out of their skulls by seeing the amazing artwork! Symbolic hands with obvious instructions of pure occultism. After hearing the release I strongly believe that this amazing graphic artwork is for a good reason; to keep the demons contained!
Inside this package we find a medium that is weirdly not very common to release music on.
A really cute looking Microcassette stares at me with its glazy eyes… What to do? As I am dying to hear this creativity but have no Dictaphone to spin this record out.. Luckily I have kept this old school answering machine that seems to be dusting away for opportunities like this.
In half an hour I was all setup and sitting nervously with an erotic sense of excitement, next to this crappy but nifty machine to spin what is on this cute microcassette.

Of course we are not totally sure who we hear when playing this as there is no information really on the cassette itself. But for some strange reason I believe I am listening to a track by Flat Affect.
As a follower of his work, I should be able to know if this is Flat Affect or perhaps Ritval Addikt (as this is a split between the two of them. Anyway to keep the focus on the music, it is an experience!
I started the tape at the beginning of the review which created a somehow relaxing ambience of soft recordings that probably prepare the listener for the all surrounding sounds that will haunt the tiny speakers of the crappy answering machine. It feels like the machine has come to life and is actually breathing in and out. If you dim the lights or perhaps just sit in the dark with a candle lit, this will probably a horror erotic experience that reminds me of a ghost inside the machine.
And in this case the ghost is haunting my answering machine pretty well.

Around 4 minutes in the mix the haunting spirit really comes out slowly and fills up the room with a smell of decay and monstrous industrial fear. It is cold & warm and very alive and creates a atmosphere of a haunted house. Deep in the industrial mix of breathing darkness, we hear girls whispering unexplainable words  that feel like captured souls that are victims of this possessed microcassette release. As a reviewer I feel like I am listening to this ghostly music with a very high risk of being sucked in and eaten alive by the powers of these diabolic sounds.
How longer in the mix the darker and mysterious it gets. The darkness is rising all around us and there is no escape. Being completely mesmerized by what is happening I can’t simply press the ‘stop’ button to let the sunshine shine back in the house again. It feels like SP has obtained a possessed tape of unknown origin and sends it to reviewers all around the globe to terrorize them with complete fear.

Slowly the machine will finally release all the darkness that has been trapped on the cassette in the room and the sounds are getting more slender. ‘This process of letting the ghost in the machine be free’ takes some time that once you have started, you just simply have to endure all the way through. Oh oh, shivers on my spine as the spirit gives a last breeze from his lungs and fly’s out of the window in the open air. This people, is a true experience that is not something to take lightly!
It is certainly not just a normal music that we have listened here. The whole thing with this mysterious artwork, the cute looking microcassette and the machine that play’s it, and above all the release of the demonic possessed sounds coming out of it, recreate the strongest experience of some kind of horror movie.  Where the lucky listener will play the victim and hero at the same time!
If you managed to listen to this alone in the dark without shitting yourself, we sure give you lots of respect and praises!

But dear people, after a bit of silence there is bloody more on this microcassette!
Out of nowhere we hear some kind of angelic but dark sounding sounds. A little bit of light for the true listeners that didn’t chicken out through this intensive listening session. A cold hard wind introduces itself and creates a breeze that will fill up the room. This must be the work of Ritval Addikt and sure as hell this is as intensive as it is good. In the storm that gets pushed out of my crappy answering machine speakers we hear tones of light ambience that in the same way bounce into a ghostly soundtrack.  Halfway the storm gets deeper and more music comes out that will certainly thrill everyone that are into horror kind of flick films. It is a warm environment but also feels like at any moment something incredible sinister could happen.  The storm gets heavier and we feel like darkness has somehow arrived when we hear strings of evil in the music.
This all is a very brilliant thing to hear as the combination of warm noise that floats around like a calming sea filled with evil, and the rightly balanced strings of sadness and despair creates a very interesting atmosphere. Really brilliant worked out music over here that even though its dark undertones; it is sure is also the sound of a very pretty hell!

There is more music on this Microcassette but I will strongly suggest that if you are interested in something more than just a music listening session and you are up for a brilliant experience of intensive audio that will generate a uncommon atmosphere that will keep you in its force, to just simply buy this amazing release! If you don’t have an answering machine, or a Dictaphone, or any other object that can play microcassette’s than ask around at your neighbors or search the cheap black markets around you, as this release is definitely worth to be heard! As we from Yeah I Know It Sucks consider this as perhaps the most intensives experience that will come out of the speakers to haunt your soul! Really brilliant thrilling work!!

Order your possessed microcassette over here:

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