Behind The Gun – BTG 2012 Demo

artist: Behind The Gun
title: BTG 2012 Demo
format: mp3
keywords: experimental, metal, metalcore
label: Trashfuck

This is a four track “BTG 2012 Demo” which is a irresistible pleasure for the symphonic metal lover. It contains all you need and will certainly involves emo screaming, awesome riffs and head banging!

Are you ready for this? The only way to really enjoy, is to play this music loud as fuck! So turn up the volume for the maximum impact and let the raw awesomeness of  “Behind The Gun” do the rest!

lets tune in the first track which is called “intro (garage recording)” and is probably the intro recorded in a garage. It doesn’t really feel like an intro to me but more a compact ass kicking track that introduces the band in 55 seconds. A drum-kit, a heavy electric and base guitar setting the trend for what will come up next!

“now you are dead” is the music that makes your heart skip a beat in a good way! Think symphonic trash metal that contains basically everything you need. From smashing melodic riffs, a heavy and rough banging drum kit and of course the violently happy vocal grunt work. The whole thing spits fire as the band plays well together like a wild group of well coordinated lions in search for a fresh prey!

The next song is “Demon call” and this brings us pain and destruction in the right way. It is a very raw recording of what i can call a session of pure energy! the singer sings his lungs out and invites the demon to make his day! The symphonic metal really feels euphoric and sweaty! Get drunk, get smashed up and enjoy!

Time to bang your head with “abandoned fate”! This is the original-lest track on this demo and really feels fresh and unique. The awesome and brightly toned guitar work really steals the show with introducing its mental melodic riffs!
This of course in the great framework of a well rehearsed awesome band that simply nails it with this song! Everything makes sense and “Behind The Gun” really kicks some serious ass with this last killer tune.

This band is definitely ready to rock the road and spread the metal all in your face! Would love to see and hear them live, as i bet they will potentially blow up the roof with their tight as fuck realness!
If you are a promoter in the Detroit area or somewhere else that can afford this band, please book them as they will certainly flush some new energy in metal land! hear this wicked demo for yourself:

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