Daizy – Aramat

artist: Daizy
title: Aramat
format: mp3 (free download)
keywords: laid-back electronica, beautiful feel good music, melodies,
label: Enough Records http://freemusicarchive.org/label/Enough_Records/

the site description tells us that Daizy is from Belgium and that they are into laidback electronica sounds.
I have not heard of this project before, but will Change that fact by listening to their “aramat” album released on Enough records.
lets see if its true what they say about Belgian Daizy’s!

We dive directly in the release by listening to a track called “the other side”. And I have to admit that this track is a total beauty and that my ears are totally pleased by what they hear. A beautiful track that combines light and bright softness in a feel good themed mood. A light played funky guitar in a combination with a nice electronic soup of complimenting uplifting layers and a summer beat. This is excellent and will make the listener feel extremely good!

then more awesomeness of feel good uplifting electronica with the track called “grandma”. This track is so stunningly beautiful that it feels like the artist must love their grandmother very much. Think amazing synthesizer melodies, even some piano riddles and of course well placed “good bye grandma” sample work. What a beautiful fun track has been created over here and sure makes the sunshine shine in to our hearts of joy! Super uplifting electronica that is so well smooth, danceable aswell as it is happy fun!

the third track is “hocus pocus” and combines a choir of the sweetest kind with the light funky pleasures we heard on “the other side”. This is a mesmerizing song that works so bloody well in delivering a great message of love. Beautiful calming and yet a very up sounding track that really is of a brilliant high standard. Sweet like belgian chocolate and somehow sexy too!

“the mistake” is definitely not a mistake music wise. It plays around with a chopped up sample on top of melodic music that is mostly generated by electric piano sounding melodies and cut up violins and synthesizer baselines. the rearranged vocal sample gets to say that “we should make a mistake” at the end and who can argue with that after hearing so much nice music?

the next tune is “when you” and is a cute funky track that introduces the piano and the sweetly played acoustic guitar with a laidback beat and a nice freakishly placed “when you” sounding sound that simply makes you happy in this loving track. We hear short conversations from probably an old movie about falling in love, while we just fall in love with the sound of Daizy! what a beautiful stuff!

The next track isn’t getting us dissapointed whatsoever. Really nice happy electronic music that swings with the lively played guitar works in a uplifting environment of pure Daizyness! People, if you are reading this; grab this album now as it is of a stunning high quality and really great stuff!

after all the love we get reminded of the other side of love with the track called “Loneliness”. A really sweet mellow dramatic tune that combines samples and superbly produced melodic electronic music with a upbeat tempo. Loving the spacey melodies that creates great company for these lonely side affects when getting dumped by a loved one.

the last track feels really like a goodbye song that contains pure melodies with mostly attention to the keys of a piano. It is called “grandfather” perhaps because grandmother has already her own loving tribute on this wonderful release that is strongly recommended for everyone that likes great music! this is a great album that will generate joy in your heart, melodies for the soul and feel good music for our every day life! This is brilliant stuff and damnit this Daizy from belgium is sure to be cherished and loved world wide! really a great album full of love and music! strongly recommended!

get yourself a free copy over here (you will not be disappointed!)

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1 Response to Daizy – Aramat

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    This album… was beautiful! Thanks for the heads up on this one. 😉

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