Various Artists – SP/Sirona Family Mix (By Toxic Chicken) (SPCD24)

Pictured here: the SP/Sirona Family Mix 3" CD-R, in all it's googly-eyed brilliance.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: SP/Sirona Family Mix (By Toxic Chicken)
Label: SP Recordings
Cat#: SPCD24
Keywords: all the keywords
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

If you’ve been a reading my reviews for awhile on Yeah I Know It Sucks, you’ll have likely realized that the majority of reviews I write are for albums that have come out on two different labels: SP Recordings and Sirona-Records. Naturally, I was quite excited to have a chance to review this, a mixed set of some of the best of both labels by Toxic Chicken, on 3″ CD-Rs – available in very limited quantity, so be sure to get one soon!

Here is the tracklist, which I’m not going to focus on for my review because the mix is so extremely diffuse (more on that in a bit):

0:00 – 2:15
Tommaso Busatto – Contatore
Toth Kina Hegyfalu – ototvenot
Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli – Demented Properties
Alexander Bianco – VCKIII

2:00 – 2:15
mr.Bull – The Path of No-Return
ReAL.alTEr.Ego – Love-Strings-3
stirner – hyperspace sickonaut

2:15 – 3:38
Toth Kina Hegyfalu – ototvenot
caelicus pugna – lovely head
stirner – hyperspace sickonaut

3:38 – 5:33
Pollux – Saliva
Ro-or – Nlasma09
Mhz_ – Flowing Water Block
Flat Affect – Draining
Swin Deorin – Warning Fire To Charging Enemy
Alexander Bianco – VCKVII
Ech(o) – Andreus Angelus
The Astronaut Sounds – In This Galaxy

5:29 – 7:15
caelicus pugna – ode to the nightingale
Hectic Head – Why You
Microbit Project – Bhatgha
Consistency Nature – To Botswana (Covolux Remix)
The Implicit Order – Its A Long Way There
RedSK – Human Heart In A FryingPan

7:15 – 8:30
Noise Nazi – Bass Torture
Body 13 – El Pico Posets O Punta De Liarda
Everett Gant – Letter read By Echo
Doomettes – Acceptance, Dimming
Xtematic – Tehom
Flat Affect & Consistency Nature – A Dream of Anopsia
Zom-Belle’s Palsy – Hot Walk

8:50 – 12:30
Fabiorosho – Antigracious
V3rb Th3 N0un – Meow
Static Noise Bird – Singular Moment Of Brutality
Obsolete Broadcast Systeme – The Betel geuse Gateway
Xtematic – Tehom
The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience – Higher than Jesus (RottenTapeEdit)
The Merricks – Follow The Loozers
The Implicit Order – Its A Long Way There
d0x10 – yxTqXot
Flat AffecT – The Walking (Kai Nobuko Remix)
Consistency Nature & Toxic Chicken – Freedom For Dicky Pilot
Everett Gant – Poem (Read by Ech(o))

12:30 – 18:30
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt – Priestesses Of Demetera Song For Elizabeth Veldon
Dairyola – Clitoral Papercut
Alex Spalding – Monotony
I Get Hiv On Television – Befreiung
Oso4 – Latex Dreams
Ars Sonor – Loco
Pollux ß Jason evil Covelli – Tribute To Edward Gorey the Gashly Crumb Tinies
Sid Yiddish – Reading From Heaven Hates What Heaven Hates laptop Selection
c4 – binary code
Television Sky – Cylinder
Genetic Brothers – Live At The Lobit Festival
Master Toad – Ldnp5 album Teaser
Rainbow Valley – Antisolar
Hlo – Nostep
Cyril M. – PleineLune
Moonsugar- Life Is Absurd
Kamikaze Deadboy – Sadistican
W!DE REcEIVER – Effervescing Elephant

18-30 – 21:30
Tooth eye – Funimation Free form Follies
Golgotha Communications LTD – De Facto
Xtremlawyer- Inject Noise
Iamdeadsmiles58 – Close my Eyes
Your Name – Your Name Is Beautiful
Ars Sonor – Showdown
The Circulatory System – Broken Bone

21:30 – 24:00
Ichtyor Tides – EenerTale
Schnur – SIDE B
Der Domestizierte Mensch – …maybe Some Hope
Covolux – Thinking Of You
Consistency Nature – The Blood Breathes
Hu Creix – I Am Free
Dentist John – Birds In The Dental Garden

So, ok, I was going to do a track-by-track review until I listened to the first 2:34 minutes and realized I had no idea where any track really began or ended, plus the time it would have taken to listen to each individual piece to discern what was what as they are clearly layered on top of one another for much of the mix would have been… a lot of time, I am quite sure! So instead, I’m going to focus on sounds as they come and go, the overall mixing, things of that nature. But I’ll maintain the above time divisions so that maybe the reader will be able to see/hear where I’m at in the mix at each major interval. Commencing countdown…

0:00 – 2:15
The mix begins with experimental electro noises. There soon appears a midi-plonk of some kind to play us a little melody, perhaps a cheapo guitar emulation. Vocal samples come in, very low in the mix almost as if they had been originally recorded to answering machine via telephone. There’s an abstract rhythm to this so far that’s very unusual.

2:00 – 2:15
Suddenly, dark ambient sweeps and a breakdown of much of the previous sound…

2:15 – 3:38
The midi-guitar continues from here, so I’m assuming that must be the Toth Kina Hegyfalu track ‘Ototvenot’ still playing. There is a woman’s voice, clipped to the rhythm. A lo-fi gabba distorted 4/4 house beat is playing, and with it lots of modulated noise-rhythms. Eventually, nearing the 3:26 mark, a pretty ambient vibe creeps in…

3:38 – 5:33
… aside from the frequent electronic squelches, there’s an ambient movement in the background. Rhythmic noise electro beats start getting fierce here, only dropping off for a moment while a female voice sings. A hypnotic sequence comes in and things start sounding really lovely before…

5:29 – 7:15
… descending into a humming space of whirled texture. Toxic Chicken must be a master of the mix, because by this point we’ve already heard at least 15 different artists and yet the mix itself sounds concise, as if we were listening to the artistic statement of a solitary artist. In the space of the dissolution of sound we hear a few utterances of “fuck” while the mood grows dark and samples of other voices as if culled from distant radio broadcasts play. Soon, a disarmingly gorgeous symphony plays. Then the noise grows louder. A distorted beat comes in…

7:15 – 8:30
… and continues while a woman reads a note and bells ring. The effect is wonderfully deranged! Soon, all of this breaks down into a noisy hiss that climbs up, eventually revealing…

8:50 – 12:30
… another electronoise abstraction of rhythm. I’m going to assume that 8:50 was supposed to read 8:30, but I can’t be too sure. Either way, a clowny electro groove starts up like a pureed circus procession. When the 4/4 lightly distorted stomp becomes more noticeable, ambient sounds come back in briefly (oh… I recognize that! :P) and the woman continues reading a poem. Noise beats come in again…

12:30 – … eternity, I’ve already lost track of time on this mix!
… but the noise beats march on while more and more the ambient beauty escalates, soon accompanied by chimes and more line readings from beyond the veil. Television reception out, experimental noises… then something like out of a Legend Of Zelda game briefly (that was amazing, whoever was responsible for that!)… immensely enjoying this section of the mix. Random wild noises show up, followed by somber guitar playing like standing out on a beach staring into the eternal dark sea. I hear flutes, and they sound as though they are screaming! Industrial beats, sounding driven to martial war. I also hear electric piano playing jazz in the back… by this point, a screaming soundscape makes it’s presence known as tiny pecks of electronic sound repeat. Eventually a really fucked up sound somewhere between distorted electro modulation and a dubstep bassline comes in. Swirling ambience, breathy white noise, a choir, then the fog of all this lifts and we are brought to a very nice, minimalistic 909 beat with arpish synth work and whistles, as well as lyricism (must be Hu Creix) that will make you feel free and surrounded by the beauty and love of the universe.

Toxic Chicken’s SP/Sirona mix is awesome, the way it pulls together such a wide range of music and fits them all together is masterful. I believe you’ll want a copy, and if I’m right you can buy this excellent mix at the link below…

… and see information pertaining to the release at this other link, if you wish…


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