Go Gun – Solar Poweress

Artist: Go Gun
title: Solar Poweress
keywords: industrial, alternative, new wave, rock
format: mp3 digital album
label: Muteant Sounds https://www.facebook.com/MuteAntSoundsNetlabel

To be honest I have no idea what this release will sound like as I have not heard of Go Gun before and did not take the time to preview this album at my own pace. But I do know that the artwork of this release simply grabbed my attention.  I can’t say it enough, the audio content of a release is of course very important, but you can’t live without a good cover! And behold Go Gun’s banging cover made by Ed Wilcox  as it is a great one!  So after staring to long at the visual content of this release, why not dive into the music and hope it is just as great as the artwork? Let’s tune in!

The first track is called ‘Cricket Cage ‘and we hear an electric guitar that sounds nice and fuzzy. Oh my! After a few seconds I can already tell you that this could be a possible gem!
We hear a drum kit and synth sounds and a stuffing voice of Vinnie Patermostro. Everything we hear is recorded in a kitchen of Jeff Kohlmeyer. So what is this? This is simply amazing industrial new wave epic ness! Really good stuff that sounds like the perfect soundtrack to have on your ears while slicing up the meat for the evening dinner! Or perhaps for something more sinister. The singer sings in a very haunting but crystal clear voice a song about fallen angels. And this gets more demonic with the adding of some high creepy synth sounds. The whole track moves and rolls like some demonic track that will make you feel good when doing bad. We hear a happy ‘yes’ at the end of the take, just to reassure that it’s not all so gloomy as it may sounds. Really a great track either way!

‘X-Ray Telepath’ is the next track and I am pleased to hear that it takes the style of the first track.
But more energetic and melodic. The bass guitar and synth riffs that eat through your bones and the smoothly played rhythms are really a perfect match with the amazing vocal lyrical work of the singer.
This is really the brightest industrial stuff I have ever heard, which is at the same time dark and creepy as fuck. But sure lots of fun to listen to and probably even more fun to make!
How longer we are in the track we feel slightly more aggression coming up as the riffs are getting more banging. The synth sounds cutting through your flesh and the howling voice really takes this track to the next level of epicenes.  Great stuff!

Track 3 is ‘Solar Poweress’ and keeps up with the mood of the previous heard music. This track really grabs you and you feel like you are rising with the singer’s voice. The melodies and cooperation of all the sounds really create something of great standard. Ending with a nice tone of all together ness.

With track four we hear singing things like ‘all the tricks of the trade’ in the The Go Away Song.
I am not completely sure where this song is about but I guess about some sale person who was knocking on the kitchen door to sell some rubbish Go Gun obviously didn’t need. Lucky a great track came out after the little disturbance which should also be a great track to play to the lovers you want to get rid of. Loving the dark tones of the music and the brilliant voice that simply sits as a rock in the mix and feels like a hellhound wolf with singing capabilities!
After a little break the whole track gets nastier with rolling beats and evil melodies and I just can’t help but completely loving it all! Banging my head with the bouncing drum kit in this mad dark world Go Gun so nicely cooked for us!

the last track is  ‘A Study Of The Species’ and Go Gun doesn’t lose my interest just yet. The base guitar bangs, the haunting voice sings something about stealing bones, and being power hungry..  We even hear some kind of Red Indian flute in the mix, but moistly the raw guitar work is sure an ear pleaser over here! It all rolls and creates an atmosphere of music that probably wolves could really appreciate too. I want to howl along with the singer but I am too busy enjoying this great stuff! For sure I’m going to send this stuff over to some of my friends, who will be probably eager to hear this nice raw music in all its animalistic glory!  Of course the track ends up in a crazy melodic noise fest of some kind of electric bees.  And then it’s all over..
Conclusion? Well I believe that if you are into this kind of music, this sure is worth to pay the two dollars for! A great band consistent of Jay Reeve, David Wild and Vinnie really creates something hauntingly unique! And yet also very familiar in a good way! It’s a consistent 5 track release that really hits a certain mood that is perhaps industrial that doesn’t take itself too serious, without losing the great quality of music. The band works excellent together and it’s amazing how they all have fitted in the kitchen to record this great EP! Big up to Go Gun!
grab their music over here:

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