Pollux – Broken Wing Remixed

Artist: Pollux
title: Broken Wing Remixed
cat: Siro498
format: mp3 16 to 320kbps
keywords:  ambient, remix
label: Sirona Records http://www.sirona-records.com/

Good day dear readers and other strange creatures. After a little bit of delay with broken laptops and other strange happenings Pollux has brought to life a interesting  pack of remixes.
17 remixes by a diversity of artists of the original ‘Pollux – Broken Wing’ release that you can find over here: $*$*@&*$^&@^$#&^$^@. The original is released on trashfuck records and contains Pollux trademark beauties of ambient works. I wanted to compare the remixes with the original, but as I am a terribly lazy person I just decided to just focus on the music that is represented here.

The first track is Sunlight (Forest Mix by Ars Sonor) it keeps in touch with the original work (I guess)
but added a complete forrest of sounds around it. Think smooth and bright ambient with the calming sounds of awakening pretty birds in a sunny forest.  Very light and beautiful, and sure is a warm welcoming track for the rest of this album.

Nina Kardec’s remix of Broken Wing, is sublime! Nina combines the warm synthetic strings of Pollux work with a very trippy groove of mind pleasing rhythms.  It makes you want to dance in a dress made out of leaves and pull out a bongo to play along. The adding of a nice baseline really gives this track the extra punch of danceable strangeness.  Expressive vibes that are pleasing the ears and the moving body parts!

‘Shadows (Swinemix) takes over in a brilliant way where Nina had left us. We hear a laidback groove and a continuous stream of shadow sounding sound. In the depth of this all we hear simple melodies that create an atmosphere of sneaking around in chapters between light and darkness.
How deeper we go into this track how more the shadow will gets prominent. A track to light up too.

Next up is a remix by Bradley The Buyer who claimed the track called Nosferatu his own.
We hear deranged strings, trippy calm beats and a delusional song that would do good at the past Halloween party.  Strange stuff, but at the same time making sense too!

More to my likings is the next remix of None by KnK. I have no idea how the original track of Pollux has sounded like but I got a feeling that KnK created something completely else out of it. We hear a nice groovy and above all dramatically happy electro track that is just plain tasty! Let this track enter your brain and without doubt your body will move to the delights of this music. A little break and a more heavier baseline approaches in this fine mix! When the melodic synthesizer pops in this track suddenly transforms in to a catchy pop tune, without the irritating vocal part. Really nice work by KnK and Pollux indeed!

One of my personal favorites in underground electro land pops up with a remix of Choir. Sven Meyer takes the original ambient track in to something much deeper and sinisterly beautiful! Some occult  deep groove really fits well with the sound of strangeness. Take it away from here!

after the pounding of the beats we can relax with this amazing interesting remix by Noni. The track ‘End Of A Day’ gets a beautiful make over with lots of make-up and even a new fancy haircut. It feels like a cinematic piece of music and the adding of weird sounds really creates a nice depth in the music. An intriguing production that listens away like a symphony of electric orgasms.  Fireworks in the sky of an futuristic beauty! No other way to describe it.

‘Descent’ is a remix by nobody less than Kai Nobuko.  And made an attempt to add something horror on this album. The production was meant to spook you, but you have to hear it for yourself as I am not able to criticize myself too much.

The Never Forever (Forget Everything Remix By Hlo) is a absolute beauty! Simplicity is sometimes the key to success and with this light melody thatswims around in combination with comforting rhythmic glitch sounds it really hits the jackpot! Perhaps I am a crackpot but I think this track is extremely beautiful. It makes me forget all the other previously heard tracks.. O_o

Now we hear the trademark sounds of The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience. He also remixed the track ‘Broken Wing’ but sounds completely like a track of his own spaced out futuristic hands.
Think electronic craziness that waves a little finger and nicks Popsicle’s from little children.
Halfway we hear a strange break and we recognize the ambient sounds of Pollux pop in, before fading into oblivion while this TrippleMushroom remix takes over with its idiotic sweet electro music. Probably not the best remix out there, but still a tune that is lots of fun to listen too!

a remix by Demolay of the track that is  “Shawdowlight’  creates a nice soundscape of weird sounds. We hear 8 bit rumblings, spacy strangeness and a calming layer of Pollux. I even hear a cat meowing, bells ringing and other sound collages and it is somehow a trippy experience.  It works well and captures the imagination to the end!

Don’t Look Back & None (RedSK Noisified Versions) is a track that is very RedSK and also very Noisified! And also still very much Pollux! This could be described as ambient noise perhaps.
Loving the noisy melodies that sound like they are coming from a heavy distorted guitar and this is sure a session that will kick ambient lovers butt!

Nosferatu is a track that seems to be the most popular track to remix, and this time My Anus Burns does a great job remixing it. We hear a strange noisy atmosphere and a child repeating-ly asking what his dad is doing. It is always good to question authorities and elders, especially if there is music around. The whole track sounds feverish and that sure is a good thing.

Can this Broken Wing remix album be more epic? Yes it can! As Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt drops by with a fine remix of Sunlight. We hear a lovely piece of soundscape that is equally warm as it is atmospheric. Like a breeze in a summers day, this is sure a pretty picture that has been shaped here. The abrupt ending was quit shocking but hey that has probably got something to do with the whole ‘broken wing’ concept.

Another take on Nosferatu but this time by Playing With Nuns. This time we hear a holy and almost church like piece of music that creates a nice dramatic atmosphere. Ending in soft noises and a voice whispering in your ears. Pretty stuff!

After the remix of Playing with Nuns we hear the Trans Atlantic Rage Remix of the same track.
This feels like it was meant to be glued together to the previous track as they seemingly fit so well together. Experimental rhythmic sounds in combination of the strange ambient of Pollux, really creates a well worked out interesting remix.
The Ghostship (Broken Wing Medley by O.S.I.S.) is the last track on this album and is a really nice mix of melodies and pollux strings. A perfect goodbye track for this beautiful and long awaited album that really is an interesting take of the original release.

Check this magical co-operation of artists out for yourself over here:

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  1. Alex Spalding says:

    Nice one, now I’m all excited to hear this!

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