Alyiann – Sensual Sign

Artist: Alyiann
title: Sensual Sign
cat: Siro153
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: dubstep
label: Sirona Records

An acquaintance of me that I met in real life always post on facebook how horrible the music from others is. Especially (he is a dubstep producer) a lot of hatred and arrogance regarding other dubstep producers. The latest post I saw was him comparing ‘the things he heard’ likes microwaves that wanted to kill themselves. Even though the guy looks like Jesus and comes off as a nice sociable chap, on that digital book he sounds however like an arrogant close minded asshole that is very full of himself.  Of course this would have been a great opportunity to review something of his work and put some shit on him but unfortunately he doesn’t release his music for free, neither is it listenable as a free preview somewhere. Also unfortunately it’s pretty damn good stuff he makes!
Of course he is right in a sense that there is a lot of stuff out there, but to compare the sound of free upcoming dubstep with suicidal microwaves is surely a bit farfetched, is it? And If it is true, than that would be probably a really great sound experience!

Anyway enough chit chat of this idiotic bearded freak, we are here for one other reason: to listen to this potential sound of Alyiann with this short dubstep tagged EP called ‘Sensual Sign’.
I had some minutes left between all the big projects and seriously wanted to know if this is really dubstep or that it is indeed a house hold kitchen device that wants to hang itself?
Well i guess the bearded man has to wash his mouth with soap as this sounds nothing like a microwave! This is a very lovingly and original track that combines laidback dubstep with a feel good atmosphere of lightness. Smoke one spliff after on other and totally chill out on this cool track!
We hear even a funky guitar riff pop up in this spaced out track that is extremely comforting and spacious. A special threat for everyone who likes to relax, but wants a different menu than the more traditional ambience. This is the spice and I’m sure you will love it.

The second track is a track that is also a very laidback track of top class.  A league on its own in the field of chill, drill and still hard enough to wobble your head too! The melody is nice and deep and the choice of snare is simply delightful. After a little break halfway this cool track the producer created somehow another layer of beautiful depth to this track. Beauty arises and even though the tones of music are quit dark, it is simply a very bright and shiny track that will sure be good company for all your journeys in the clouds. Low Pro is sounding more Pro than Low!

I’m sorry bearded dubstep acquaintance, you were completely wrong and misguided!  Time to eat your beard and cut of your hair and shove it up your arrogant backside! Tune in to these 2 tunes and be amazed by the quality of free downloadable and original chill out dubstep!
Chill out, smoke, dance, and enjoy! Get this good stuff over here: (it’s free!)

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