Various – Musique Pour Mali

artists: various
title Musique Pour Mali
cat: SPNet041
format: mp3 vbr
keywords: Noise/diverse
label: SP Recordings

Recently, the radical Islamist group Ansar Dine seized large
swaths of the West African nation Mali, including the well-known
trade city Timbuktu. In the areas they still control, an extreme
interpretation of Sharia law was implemented that, among other
things, forced women to wear veils and banned all music except for
sung Quranic verse. Public concerts were outlawed, radio stations
were shut off, instruments were burned in the streets. This small
group of old and new SP artists saw an opportunity to bring Mali’s
plight to the public eye in the way they knew best: a diverse
collection of noise from all different stripes and styles. We
hope you enjoy this soundtrack to a musical wasteland – we hope
you enjoy our music for Mali.

With this clear description of the motives behind this compilation in mind its obviously time to check each track like some kind of border control for playability in this absent music future of Mali.

The first track by the mysterious Dutch producer Caelicus Pugna is a hopeful track of semi listenable music for Mali. It begins with something that is highly forbidden; a warm welcoming tropical drink of music! When taking Caelicus Pugna aside for questioning he simply told us to wait and listen. Our official border control smiles where suddenly all smiles and laughs of contempment as caelicus simply raped the music several times before turning in sounds the government of Mali has no problems with. No further bag searches where necessary as the tune transforms into a crunchy track. And with crunchy, we mean that it sounds like a continuous (but transforming) crunch of moonboots in the snow. Mind you that Caelicus Pugna not just recorded footsteps in snow as we don’t hear any walking sounds. it’s really stripped to the core crunching! Somehow with the rape session of the forbidden music in the beginning and the approved long term crunch session, it feels like a welcome and goodbye track. Welcome to the creative future sound of Mali and a goodbye for non-religious music. The long term crunch session actually could be experienced as a noise ambient track and is not at all unpleasant to listen to! The future of Mali isn’t so bad after all! The somehow hopeful sounding reversed music at the end of the track we laugh off when we push the seal of Mali approved music on the track!

After a 15 minute crunch session it is time for artist Getzel to take over with a hypnotizing track called “Estigia”. I can tell you that this track is difficult to clarify if this is a collection of beautiful sounds or that this is actually something forbidden, amazing music!
I will give it a thumbs up for creating something so creative and on the edge and above all incredible atmospheric. Perhaps it is indeed music but as the sounds are almost like a holy experience we from the border patrol will approve it without doubt. An interesting and creative piece of audio that overrules with a spooky world of beauty and feel good emptiness. The bag of wine we confiscate, but this excellent track if off to Mali!

The next track is by an individual called “audio hater” and needles to say that we trust a name by its cover. No music over here, but scraping sound of future sounds for Mali! Quickly stamp the seal of approval and off you go!

Talking about approval stamps! We promptly give RedSK – Llama Llama Llama (Feat. Drew Batton) six of them! The citizens of Mali will be pleased with all this creativity that they are still able to listen to under the new anti-music law. This is a nice novice track of interesting noise that is lots of fun to listen to. It’s like a session of creative what the fuck ness. Fucked up high sounds that are funny and equally nasty! Drilling holes in your ears with pure pleasure and delight and of course without showing any remorse! Thanks To RedSK it will not be silent in Mali after all! This is an extra ordinary delight of noise that even seems to include a voice of an crying elephant. Ramblings and totally disobedience of extreme sounds that for sure will be a pleasure for all these fine extremist groups out there! no music, but definitely a fine and interesting drilling and thrilling session of pure craziness! The future of Mali is a bright one with lots of creative noise coming from every corner I bet! Great stuff!

OsO4 pops up for a political correct and uncorrected track that is called “From Conversation To Corruption “. The non-music is a delight and feels like a fight, a high voltage psychotic vibe of pure mental breakdowns! Yet again Extremist Audio that is harder than a fist up your backside (even multiple fists!) We from the border control of Mali are quickly sending this away to the wonderful people of Mali and hope it gets quickly played around in society! Definitely no reason to be worried for getting arrested while playing this “music”!

make way as it is now time for Cattle Mutilation’s Herbicide Gas (A.O.) ! After a short reception of old theme music we are quickly pushed in a session of the release of herbicide gas! We hear scraping sounds for our extra content and of course radio frequencies for a human touch. It all gets annihilated by an orgasm of noise that feels like music of the future! The future music of Mali that is!

Of course we cannot lose our traditional family values when we ban non-religious music, and that’s probably where this excellent track of Flat Affect comes in! With fine respect for Mali and its cultural judgments the track have been named “Mali ilaM” and sounds rather homely and full of youth! Various audio recordings that sounds like Flat Affect manages to record himself and kids to speak in the native language of Mali. This is of course manipulated in an authentic style that can simply be described as “flat affect”. The folklore of Mali will be enriched with this exclusive session of listenable audio that is cozy as well as homely! Welcome to the culture of Mali, sir!

The next track is a track by Toxic Chicken that recreates and remembers music without actually being music. It’s always good to remember where we came from and the border control of Mali doesn’t have a huge problem with it. As long as it’s no music, we are all happy to import your audio!

Ech(o) stirs up some more traditional movement with a intro of gamelan music that is quickly faded away into some kind of audio feast.
A train ride into the strange world of Ech(o) where she will lead us to her well-spoken wisdom.

The next playable music for Mali is a track by W!DE Re:Ceiver and DJ Kaos.
It is called ‘Shredder The dog’ and I am not sure if this is about a dog getting shredded, or actually a dog called Shredder. Listening to the track I have a slight twisted thought that it’s probably the first thing that came in mind.
Sensible and with care the dog will get shredded into pieces and the parts that can’t be used dumbed in some big trash can. I am not sure if the people of Mali eat dog, but if they do they will be glad to see it already shredded to pieces by these two fine gentle people. Easy to cook up and fry! And of course also good entertainment to listen too!

Where fire is and controversial things there is Stirner! This time he is at the right place and the right time with a nice and respectful traditional track for the Mali future. Classical and contemporary music that is not religious but surely listenable under the new anti-music laws. We hear alienating screaming, singing in unidentified and unknown ways and of course beautiful and wild exciting expressions in a fine noise format. The people from Mali will have nothing to complain while listening to this track, as it will definitely make all conversation impossible!

Bedawang delivers the longest title on this compilation with a track called Befool Them Gradually Those Whom You Can among Them with Your Noise’. This is next to incredibly listenable music to fill the hearts of the affected Mali people also a great artist statement on its own. Deep down in the mix we hear a Muslim prayer if my ears are not tricking me. Because of this religious aspect this music is gladly accepted into the borders or Mali!

As we are still at the border control of Mali I’m nervous with the following track by Pollux. Is this music or not music? If it is music I will have to disproof it and destroy it in the same shredder that previous dog had been shredded. If it is non-music than I will just praise it into the sky!
As there are no traditional instruments or melodies are used and it sounds incredibly compressed in noisy ness, I think it will reach the people in Mali safely. This piece of noise ambient is on the border of forbidden music, but still too good not to be unheard!

‘Stop Islamic Cultural Arbitarariness In Mali’ by A/C seems to be a protest track of some kind. We from the border Mali police are not very fond of our leaders being criticized. But the actual track convinces us that indeed it doesn’t include forbidden music. Perfectly safe for every willing ear of the Mali People and also totally recommended. The end of the track gets increasingly harsher and we love that! Welcome in Mali, A/C!

Rudkus comes up with a Funeral Dance. This is a successful rape of the forbidden music and with the addiotional sounds and effect truly a creative piece of work! Traditional instruments are fucked from behind, flutes, screaming party people, fun fair music, guitar stuff etc. All deliciously slenderized in a compact track of modernity. The Mali People are going to love this!

The next tune is by Playing with Nuns called ‘Conveyor Restrainers’.
This is a nice and aggressive piece of non-music that could safely played in every Mali house hold. The government and no religious extremist will have any problem with this as the content is simply inspiring and delicious. A speech of an unknown origin really hits all the extremist pleasure points of interests, and this is sure a good thing! This is classic noise that can seriously damage your speakers. Which of course is a plus; if you want to make sure the citizens are not going to listen to non-religious music anyway! The government of Mali approves this music! Spread it around and enjoy!

The last track is a poetic track by the hands of Doomettes. It is called ‘Le Mali (variation)’ and simply is the best way to end this compilation with. With this attribution the culture of Mali will be enriched with great listenable non-music!

We from the border control of Mali have decided to approve all the tracks on this compilation to be safe to play in Mali. No laws are being breached and even though there are not a lot of religious sounds on this album, there are still lots of extremist things that are to say the least: very joyful to listen to!
Let this shine a little bit of hope and attention on the country of Mali in these hard times, and also in your own hearts.

You can get this amazing compilation by clicking on this link below. Its absolutely free!
<The Border Control Of Mali>

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