Poulbo – Stringed Civilisation (Sirona-Version)

Artist: Poulbo
title: Stringed Civilisation (Sirona-Version)
cat: Siro061
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: Electronica, Alternative
label: Sirona records http://www.sirona-records.com/

The first track is a slightly disorientating track that starts in a somehow wonky fashion. We hear layered loops of hand claps, a strumming guitar, a base kick and of course sensible strings. It smells like we just woke up after a wild night of heavy boozing and it takes a couple of seconds to open our eyes and accept the new day. Once our eyes are open the seemingly wonky music starts to make sense and simply locks tight into each other. With this track every morning will be a good one, no matter how trashed you where the night before! Poulbo is here to calm you with sunlight. And definitely delivers a lovely summer track to wake up too.

The next track is called “slow driver” and is what you could say “different”.
It starts off like some electronic tom waits track without the man and the cigar smoke. It has probably got to do something with the choice of rhythm providers that made me think of Tom as the overall track is of course nothing like that at all. It is very Poulbo and that means a very delicate sweet and full track. Lots of elements are going on that even with a song structure, feels still experimental in the electronica field. A heavy synthesizer bass pops up in at times to give this track the push it needs. Add Lovely synth sounds of sweetness and a cool beat to top it off. Nice stuff that with its heavy rolling wobble sound will certainly entertain the light weight electronica lover.

‘mystery’ is a mysterious track that sounds sad and happy at the same time.
Of course it takes the best from both worlds, leaving a remarkable beauty of music for our ears to enjoy! Spaced out synth melodies, a guitar and a emotional piano that will intrigue the ears of the listener. We hear some more clapping sounds which makes this track even more human than it already was. Nice, pure and  above all a very full on sound production!

the last track is called ‘invisible things’ and I don’t know why but is my personal favourite of this little EP. Poulbo really flourish here like a flower in the sun, showing off all its beauty! Probably the most stipped down to the point track and that makes it even more touchable. The beautiful vocals are used more like an instrument, than the more traditional ‘singing’. This with the adoable cute music really makes this track in a heartwarming piece of feel good music.

My overall opinion of this little teasing EP is that the music is good and original. It sounds very personal like something that is made from the heart.
The tracks miss nice endings as they seem to be all warped up in the end, which is quit sad as the music sounds excellent and deserves a proper ending.
However I do understand that this is perhaps not the final product but a teaser for the full length album that would be (or perhaps already is) available on itunes! The music production sound very DIY and very full.
Especially loving the last track as it seems to be more relaxed production wise, what makes the purity of the human behind Poulbo shines through more than ever!

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