Meklabor – Spectator EP

Artist: Meklabor
title: Spectator EP
cat: Siro259
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: Folktronica / Other
label: Sirona Records

the title track is also the start of this EP and is a track that speaks to the imagination.
It combines electronica with acoustic played folk music and it really is a winning combination.
It is a mysterious track that keeps the listeners ears close to the speakers. An almost holy form of rhythm melts with wonderful atmospheric ambience that gets lightened up with some kind of folk melodies. The track investigates like a spectator all the sounds and dimensions and seriously is a great track to listen to for these folklore moments with alternative friends in a circle. Drinking spiffs and smoking wine and enjoying the good life. This is seriously a track worth the download and would nicely fit in every one’s collection with a taste for good world music, with an eye on the future.

Another great track is ‘Haze’, this is raw material that combines folk music with electric guitar and this is really a smashing combination. May I say that if you download the ‘spectator’ track you should definitely also download this one. It is seriously a lovely combination of music that my ears simply did not came across with.  I have no idea what the background is from this band but it must be well aware of world music and the deeper roots within.

‘Soma’ is the third track of this obviously great must have EP that sound ethnic that has been in touch with western rock and electronic music. This track is based on great rhythmic playing on djembe or bongo’s.. (I am not sure as I have no real knowledge of these things) But what I do know is that the combination of these grooves and a raw guitar that sings like a storm through a dessert really feels great to listen to! This is a great safari!

The last track is Spectator [Lake Shore Mix] and is something from a complete different kind than the previous tracks. It feels like a lovely walk in a beautiful forest. Angelic ambient that sings through the leaves of the trees and the birds just simply sing their songs of joy and content. What a beautiful and calming end for such a lovely and great EP.
Loved every single second!

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