Joseph Anton – Infiltrator (Siro115)

Looking like it came out on the millenium is the artwork for Joseph Antons Infiltrator. And once it has infiltrated you, it will turn your body into blue and white tetris blox.

Artist: Joseph Anton
Title: Infiltrator
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro115
Keywords: Breakbeat, Electronica, Other
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I had the time to write a real quick review, so I flipped around in the Sirona-Records catalog and eventually settled on this straight-up tech/house breakbeat dance party record by Joseph Anton. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to get on the dance floor and shake your booty, if you have one. I don’t. I’ve got whatever the opposite of a booty is. It’s like a reverse booty, really… almost like having two small bowls for cheeks. I am a mutant! I also have webbed toes and can shoot venom from my throat.

Anyway, the first track is titled ‘Nu Skool’, but for me personally this felt sort of Old Skool, but in a good way! It takes a moment to get started, but when it does it’s bangin’. Kind of like house from the late 90s but with a tech breakbeat thing going on. Then this cowbell comes in and soon this smooth bassline bumps, it’s really nice. All through the track are these submarine sonar sounds. Later on during a breakdown section you get some breathiness, cowbell and a syncopated modulated organ type sound come in. There’s a lot of really cool knob twiddling happening late in the track, really groovy stuff!

‘The Infiltrator’ spikes your drink with a little bit of acid. It’s just enough to start seeing shit. The track sounds like lockdown at the power plant! Or maybe a puppet-mastering alien invasion. “Systems online.” The basslines and tom toms here are really heavy, classic style 909 sounds, hard and punchy in the mix.

Last but not least is ‘The Thing’, which gets pretty surreal and experimental without losing it’s dancefloor edge! It’s probably my favourite track on here. Some distorted bass, what sound like rims being fucked up with quick delays, heavily delayed claps, tension-inducing sfx… then the toms fire off and everything goes to a sample and a shot of synchord pads before returning to the nail-biting formula of before. The track never loses rhythm, but the rhythms are more subtle… less overt anyway than the previous tracks, and this gives it a sort of neo-primitive or tribal feel. Really great stuff!

So, in consideration of everything I’ve heard, I gotta say that Joseph Anton knows how to rock it. I’m going to have to prescribe this record for any time you’ve come down with a desire for some old school meets new school edm. It’s just too bad the release feels like only a sample of what the artist is capable of, but it’s got what you need all the same in small doses. Get it at the link:

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