Monster Weird – Another, Another Dimension (Siro317)

... whoa dude...

Label: … whoaoa…
Reviewer: … dude…

… whoa. Dude. Uh… sorry about that, let’s try this again…

Artist: Monster Weird
Title: Another, Another Dimension
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro317
Keywords: Sci-Fi Ambient, Space Electronica, Psychedelic, Lobit
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

… Uh, yeah, took me a moment to break away from the gif and start writing the review… roughly 48 hours, 57 minutes and 6 seconds. But yes, that image above is the cover artwork for Monster Weird’s album Another, Another Dimension. Let’s try not to get sucked into that again. I’ll put some sounds on, there’s a bad atmosphere in here.

First track is titled ‘Adjacent Monologue’. It begins with some lobit ambience like a hungry monster lurking under the bed of your youth. As it trails off, doubtlessly to munch on someone else…

… the second track jumps in. This one’s called ‘Mushroom Dialogue’, which does sound more like a conversation, but between lifeforms that are probably talking about how delicious our internal organs are. Fungi notwithstanding, this track is a well-made and ominous soundscape that manages to amaze with it’s beauty while setting you a bit on edge. You won’t even miss the bits! It is kind of a slow-moving sequence underneath layers of spacy sounds, ending with the howls of imaginary molds.

The third track is, simply, ‘3’. It’s elegant, with a creepiness that hides at the tarnished edges of the otherwise quite lovely mood the rest of the music has created. There’s an alien-ness or alienated feel to the sounds… while beautiful, it does nothing but dwell and stagnate in isolation.

After is ‘Dawn’, which is the least dawn-inspired-sounding track I’ve ever heard that’s had ‘dawn’ in it’s title. Well, to be fair it is somewhat uplifting, but also very abstract feeling with dreamy chords that kind of rise up out of the clouds, as well as the dregs of absolutely mental mod-chime sequences that resound in the mix as though someone tampered with an alarm clock, causing it to glitch out in perpetuity.

The last track here is ‘Remember’, a grey kind of song that feels a little like drone but with so much filtering going on you only barely get that sense, really. This is definitely one of the most psychedelic soundscapes on the album. It’s a bit like listening to what a dimensional warp or tear in space would sound like… with some imagination, of course. Voices in the mix are hard to make out behind the rest of the gorgeous clamour, making you feel paranoid that something is going to happen.

This was a very short release, but after listening to it I couldn’t help but want to track down more from the artist. I’ll say… hear it for yourself and see what you think. Just don’t stare too long at the cover art.

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