Microbit Project – Acid Colors

artist: Microbit Project
title: Acid Colors
cat: SPTOtfSP006
format: floppy disk / free download mp3
keywords: lobit aciiiiiiiiiid
label: SPTOtfSP

After the huge review that where the Yeah I Know It Sucks Video awards i thought it would be a good idea to start a light weight review of a recent released release on a freshly born new label.
Perhaps i am a little bit biased over here but hey i just wanted to promote this new baby of SP and The Top Of The Flops net label. SPTOtfSP it is called and is a label that releases music for free and also have the great option to buy each release on a floppy diskette. That means that all the releases are very compact which is certainly a great thing to safe space on your hard disk, mp3 player or any other modern equipment to store audio on. It is ran by a mysterious animal with the name Koala and in its short existence already released some very *cough* *cough* interesting releases you should *cough* out for yourself! The release i wanted to focus on today is one by the famous Russian mufti instrumentalist , poet and all round creative artist from Russia: Microbit Project.

On the diskette we find 2 cover pictures, one consist of some kind of tree with a nice intoxicated happy color. And the other one contains the same color but an epic face pulling Mister Microbit himself! The title is ‘Acid Colors’ and this EP consist of one track with the same name.
Lets hear it together shall we?

This start with some nice lobit aciiid sound that wobbles and grabs my full attention. We hear some 4 by 4 techno beat that is as steady as it is funky. It almost got a bit of a rock vibe to it. We hear the most original lest acid sounds in a creative way played along with some kind of rhythmic modem sound from back in the day when there was no high speed internet equipment.  Telephone lines where necessary  to connect to the internet and probably they are still being used and that is an expensive business. Lobit music is perfect for the people depending on telephone lines to download their newest music for free in a rapid speed. Lobit music will almost trick the dial up internet user into having a quicker than lightning internet connection.. Anyway i’m wondering off again.. But yes there is not a lot to say as this is pure entertainment. A great track that is fun, and funky and not the acid you probably heard many times. This is dance music with a underground flop vibe from utterly high quality. And i am not just saying that because Koala (the animal that runs the label) or Evgenij Kharitonov (the man behind Microbit Project) is a good global music friend.. but it seriously is unique and very enjoyable! it is really what the title says, not the boom boom whoop whoop dance floor act but more danceable acid with colors!

Check it out for yourself over here:

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