Beutenwaffen – Apocalypse

artist: Beutewaffen
title: Apocalypse
cat: SPNet055
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: noise, death industrial, dark ambient
label: SP Recordings

An Anthem for the Masses is the first work on this album. This is an unbelievable mind altering sound trip where my ears are very excited about. it starts of rather calmly with a flowing vibe of death ambience, but before you know what is going on, some kind of opera voice enters the music. The track gets more wild and exciting and creates a classical haunting experience. Great beauty introduces itself when the producer manages to marry female opera with melodic industrial noise. If this was a picture i would imagine a black rose with a dead butterfly in it. the walls are shaking of the sound that has been created over here and my heartbeat has taken a twisted speed.  I swear i have never heard anything like this, nor this totally winning combination. The music is hard and epic-ally beautiful at the same time!
the tones of darkness, drama and wonderful atmospheric noises created over here are for sure something you don’t come across a lot. Unbelievable kind that it is offered for free download as i believe this is definitely something to invest in. The ending of this track with a saddened violin and the last squeezes of opera voices is unexpectedly perfect. This track on its own is already enough reason to download and load it up on a cd to cherish. Never did i hear something as dark  industrial death ambience noise so enjoyable. The combination and the choice of bringing 2 worlds apart,together in one 15 min + track is pure win! I have always seen noise music as classical music, but this just hits the nails in the coffin of perfection! I recommend that this work will function as a door to both worlds and is probably something that will bring different kind of music lovers together.  From semi intellectuals, empty glasses wearing art lovers, video professionals, teabag lady”s till the more heavier crowds of tough guys and gals, noise freaks, sentimental undertakers, teenagers with rage and their mothers, hardcore crackheads and hells angels etc… this music brings people together & that explains the title of this anthem very well..

the next tune is perhaps less made to please the masses but still very of a high enjoyable quality. it is called Tsjuster and feels like swimming around in a crushed gut of some kind of whirlwind. Not an overly aggressive sounding whirlwind but more of an nice tingle that makes your ears twinkle. well shaped and crafted with eyes for detail and precision, Tsjuster is a real enjoyment to get sucked into.

Tezcatlipoca is up next and feels already great from the start. We hear muffled base invaded noise vibrating in the ears, some abstract field-recordings in the background deep in the mix and slowly this track start to remind me in some kind of weird way of Summer time. I imagine a summer breeze and the sound of an  transformed engine of a speedboat or a flying mini airplane in the blue sky. This was probably not the intention of the artist who is trying to get this summer vibe image out of my head by adding strange noises that sound like humans who are trying to communicate without actually talking. I don’t want to sound horrible but you know it reminds me a bit of how sometimes deaf people make noises when they choose not to use their hand communication. Well captured by the artist and indeed it succeeded by me forgetting the whole summers day vibe.

with this in mind we go straight in to some nostalgic weird pieces of music intro”s ever. This track is called
Maschinengewehr 1942 and brings us in mind the social vibrations of twisted war. We hear music from that time that reminds me of family”s being killed with music like this on the background. epic classical composition are being well complemented with the hands of the producer by adding amazingly fitting sound rumbles of war. think bombs exploding, machine guns, jamming guns and think ultimate beauty! these people in war time sure knew that this was the music to hear when slaughtering their enemies. I just imagine that if this track was around at that time it would have probably made the whole war seem to be pointless as everyone would just cuddle up to the old fashioned radio to hear this track, instead of making “music” on the battlefield themselves.
great stuff!

Whatever happens nothing beats the sound of drops of wet rain and a church bell. It introduces the sounds of Swarte Dea which are pretty dark and scary. We hear a voice saying something in german and than the track starts to float in an evil wave of comforting darkness. Its highly comforting because of the way the sound production is entering your ears, but at the same time it will make you shit from total excitement or from fear. (or from the fact that you ate some left overs from the fridge which are now announcing to come out in pure diarrhea! be right back!..)

ah i’m back again.. the previous track ended with some more drops of rain to wash all the evil away.

Hongerwinter 1944 is the last track on this excellent album. The title refers to the time where people had to eat flower bulbs to survive as there was no food. The winter of wartime in 1944 should have been hell on earth for most people and this track i can imagine people starving in  a cold and harsh world. This cold music manages to capture some warm moments by adding a church organ that at the end that probably must have been the light of survival in many people their hearts from that time.

What can i say what i did not say before? i’m highly impressed by this album. It stands out in both quality, theme and originality and i even feel like it was almost so much more than just music. I feel like the artist almost educated me about something i completely forgot about, which is the horrible thing of war, the art that surrounds it and that the believe in religion also created a strong will of survival at that time. Truly a excellent album that is an absolute must have in your collection.
download it for free over here:

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