Various Artists – Sirona-Records Mixtape

artist: various
title: Sirona-Records Mixtape
Label: SP Recordings / Sirona Records
cat: SPCs17
keywords: grindcore, noise, electronic, various, Sirona mix tape
reviewer: –Joel “nobody” Switzer

It’s an electronic tape!
No, it’s a noise tape!
No, it’s a grindcore tape!
NO, it’s the Sirona Records mixtape (distributed by SP).
And it is all of these things while simultaneously maintaining an identity of it’s own.
The tape opens with a very well thought out instrumental by Dawktah.
The track left me feeling very warm and satisfied.
The finger-picked acoustic guitar and strings provide a very
soothing and pleasant atmosphere for the track.
From start to finish the cassette is filled with beautiful ambient textures,
haunting melodies, perverse sounds capes and everything in between.
The Sirona Records Roster is filled with very talented and diverse artists from several countries,
this will become more and more apparent as the tape continues.
You’ll also find deconstructed beats,
film samples and of course some terrific noise.
After several listens to the Sirona-Records Mixtape it became apparent that the cassette has great replay
value. With the amount of content and individuality amongst the artists, this
release has both quantity and quality!
To be 100% percent honest the tape flows so well at times it’s hard for me to tell if a song ended and another one started or another part of the same song began! Maybe I’m just being stoned!
Either way, there are no bad tracks.
The artists are diverse while also sounding very well together on the release.
While I am familiar with several artists on the release,
this is first Sirona release I was fortunate enough to get my hands on.
I am very gratified to say it certainly will not be the last!
The tape continues on with swirling pianos,
driving melodic electronic beats, and alluring synthesizers.
Unfortunately, I can only give so many descriptions of the music before you just have to listen and let the music speak for itself (as it should)!
So, get off your ass and order something from and receive this gem of a release
absolutely free (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST). They may already be out, in which case
hop over to and familiarize yourself with
some amazing art.
Long live independent music, and long live Sirona-Records!!!
Joel “nobody” Switzer

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