(o)thers vs. Flat Affect – Schizotypal/Uptown (SPNet057)

The artworks for Schizotypal/Uptown by (o)thers going versus style against Flat Affect. You can tell this is going to be a serious showdown.

Artists: (o)thers vs. Flat Affect
Title: Schizotypal/Uptown
Label: SP Recordings
Cat#: SPNet057
Keywords: Industrial, Experimental, Hip Hop, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Others! Others!

… that was pretty much my reaction upon seeing this in the archive of SP Net recordings just a bit ago. So I knew I was going to have to devote some time to reviewing this! The first 9 tracks are by (o)thers, who’ve had their material affected by Flat Affect. The last track is Flat Affect being (o)ther-ized. The end result is, well, pretty amazing – not just in terms of the sound, but also in terms of cohesion. I use the term ‘cohesion’ loosely, though, as this album is pretty experimental at times!

‘The Intro____’ starts us off nicely! It’s a migraine inducing texture of bells and noise, with samples overhead.

Next is ‘Alternative Treatment Method’, a totally chill downtempo hip hop track with lots of harsh noise and edits! It’s really cool and sets the mood that the next several tracks will follow…

… ‘My Favorite Color Of Bruise’ adds what sound like orchestral samples from an old disco or soul record to the mix, with broken breakbeats.

Following this is ‘Unhealthy Attractions’. Is it unhealthy that I have an attraction to this track? Super-chill jazzy hip hop underneath a layer of head-splitting noise with samples thrown into the mix.

‘Unsettled Residue’ might be my favourite track on here. The samples used swirl around a breakbeat while chill synths float in and out, the effect is really nice!

After is ‘Thr33 Days’, which spins out of control with the layers of sounds used, it’s intoxicating and heady stuff all still whirling around clipped up breakbeats which seem to get progressively more distorted!

‘Celestica Nights’ gets really psychedelic. The beat is underneath wildly phasing vocal sample snippets and dark soundscapes.

On ‘Multiple Masks Of Deceit’ the clipped beats are starting to sound cramped in the mix-space, crushed and crumpled beneath the atmosphere of sample-driven textures and synth.

‘The Wild-Life’ goes for straight up industrial cosmosis…

… and is followed by the equally impressive ‘Uptown’, a noisy industrial soundscape and probably the perfect ender for an album that seems to be willfully demolishing itself for our pleasure!

I have to recommend this album to you… while the first several tracks were probably my favourites on here, the last couple were pretty incredible for those of you who prefer your music abstract and industrial. Get this thing at the link beelow:


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