Djozr – The Construction Of Reality In The Mind Of The Cognizing Subject (Siro537)

For those of you whove ever given thought to the anatomy of a voodoo doll is the artwork for the djozr album, lengthily titled The Construction Of Reality In The Mind Of The Cognizing Subject.

Artist: Djozr
Title: The Construction Of Reality In The Mind Of The Cognizing Subject
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro537
Keywords: Ambient, Drone
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Another request! This time, it’s for ambient / drone artist djozr’s album The Construction Of Reality In The Mind Of The Cognizing Subject. This, of course, ignores the possibility of an external reality apart from our faculties of observation, but then getting to matters of quantum physics / mechanics and the “foundations” as it were for a more flexible, tenuous nature of reality that they provoke…well, these quandaries have been empirically proven to cause your head to explode. I think reality is a sound wave that I happen to be listening to right now.

For instance, the first track here is ‘All The Heart You Have Left’… which may not be much but find that lasting shard, the largest one you’ve got, and give this a listen. I think this is a very sympathetic track, and within the repetitive tones, with very slight shifting chord structures that evolve over the length of 7 minutes and 33 seconds, you detect a hint of melancholy. Or, honestly… it’s like modern homeopathy… this extreme dilution of sorrow dropped in a cup still has the effect of a hundred, billion Requiems in D Minor.

Or take the next track, ‘Inaccessible Cardinals’. This sounds like a creation mythology, of big bangs interpreted by use of varied wavepatterns. Within, you see the dinosaurs and other shapes emerge from the primogen post cardinal point of matter’s evolution into existence. The inaccessible is the illusion of history and origin beyond sensory experience, time and space unfolding fractally; exploding into many fractional worlds, each separated by brains in cranial cavities occupying a skull beneath blood and flesh in an array of lifeforms walking, crawling, swimming on this planet. Time hastens…

… and we begin to take a listen to ‘I’ve Never Seen A Star So Pretty’, which is very probably about Nicki Minaj. Or not, it doesn’t matter. It could be about nothing. It is nothing. It is the careening locus of life, the bandwidth of experiential data transmission to and from the Earth. All is interconnected and equally intangible. Matter analyzes matter but forgets the space between as unnecessary, forgets the wheel as progress is made. Who? What? Where are we? Bagpipes. I hear bagpipes, I think…

… what was I saying, though? Oh, yes! I was about to discuss with you the fact that ‘We Are All The Same Person’. Which is true, maybe. This could be an analysis of specie. In some people’s line of thought, god was fractured in contemplation of itself and matter was the end result, existing to perceive, ponder and permutate itself. That’s just one idea, of many. We could be fish again, but what is the point of that? It’s already been done. There are fish. We also eat fish. Some people also have thought, at one point or another, that imbibing a thing was to take the qualities or characteristics of the thing imbibed. Making note to consider / contemplate at some undetermined time in future our wide-spread absorption of man-made chemicals and other treated foods. And the genetically modified. Bio-organic matter is probably more safe. These digressions! Shit. Anyway, the music is really good. It sounds like waves erupting, roiling in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. Close to the floor. I see blue, that’s what the music makes me think. It could be a shadow cast upon my psyche by the wizard djozr, I do not know. There can be no attempt at verification.

‘Everything That Tears You Apart’ is actually very lovely and warm. Oh! I see… How often is that true? Always, perhaps? Like a head in a pillow of down, surrounded by clean incense and dreams of your hazy adolescent love. That is what it makes me imagine. But the world dissolves. Experience, while divergent, may very likely contain in it something that is shared. The collective vision of base experience unites.

Anyway. Very nice album. It makes you think about a lot of stuff, clearly, and not all of it should make any sense. Just traces of sense; the gold of wisdom hidden behind every cracked idea. It’s like an ideascape, because the “ether” sounds so Medieval – not that that prevents me from using it to describe abstract stuff for which no other word exists, or should exist. I think you’ll like this album, I’ll go ahead and post the link for you… so check it out, please!

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