Pollux – Saliva

artist: Pollux
title: Saliva
cat: SPNet056
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: electronica, drone, neo-classical
label: SP Recordings www.sprecordings.com

I just woke up with a dry mouth and stinky breath and certainly can use some fresh Saliva. Pollux and friends come to the rescue with this “Saliva” single + remixes! Just looking at it makes my mouth wet again from excitement so I expect a waterfall of Saliva arriving soon while listening to this release! Let’s get the slimy water started!

Saliva starts with wet bubbly sweet sounds and a light played piano that dances like a ballerina in a tutu through it. The melody tells us the underappreciate miracle and life circle of Saliva. The track is beautiful and with the squeaky sound deep inside the mix I imagine the Saliva being made in the Saliva organs. Perhaps this description makes you think this music is pretty abstract, but in reality it isn’t really. It is very beautiful light weight timeless music highly based on warmly played notes on a piano. It is pretty and relaxing and i can’t simply wait for the day some scientific wild life nature program will use this track to explain the origin of Saliva.

Caelicus Pugna’s remix fits nice within the original work, and yet is surprisingly different. The track gets a complete new make over here, and Saliva is looking pretty-er and unexpectedly beautiful with its pretty new looks. It’s highly experimental and fresh how Caelicus approached this work and it completely excites me. We hear an original remix while keeping honor of the original track. The softly distorted stomping crackle beat makes the Saliva even danceable and what’s there not to love to dance on beautiful music?
Caelicus Pugna created something very hypnotic and definitely an ear pleasure!

Stirner is up next to remix Pollux”s Saliva. The track starts very warm and nice and seemingly recognizable from the original but more hypnotic and trippy. Slowly but surely Stirner creates this state of mind of hypnosis and calmness. We hear some birds in the background while the newly shaped Saliva calms us down with a very trippy mood. This is THC in music as it incredible concentrated and every listening session will make you high and happy!

The last remix is by W!DE Re:Ceiver and still keeps us suspended high in the Smokey clouds. We have now arrived in a trippy state of mind where strange things are happening. In the mix we hear someone trying to puke or.. Well I am not sure what we are hearing over there. The music is very beautiful but the mixer managed to add a darker side to the original work.

This EP is absolutely good material. A nice friend to get very high on, that will surprise you unexpectedly and will definitely make your mouth wet from this insane outstanding approaches of Saliva. Excellent release!

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