Swun – Brush Strokes (MYRL008)

This is a face. But, importantly, it is also the album art for Swun's Brush Strokes.

Artist: Swun
Title: Brush Strokes
Label: MYRDAL.
Cat#: MYRL008
Keywords: Alternative, Chillwave, Dream Pop, Dreamgaze, Electronica, Folk, Modern Classical
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I was just floating around in the etherwebs and stumbled upon this tiny release… is it possible to stumble while floating? I suppose it would have been more accurate to say, I bumped across this album and spun erratically within the intangible hexmatrix of internet space and, before I could re-organize my pixels, I’d already begun hearing the beautiful, evocative and yet minimally gorgeous sounds produced by Swun and put out by the somewhat enigmatic MYRDAL. netlabel… and I became drawn nearer again to this, as if I were Odysseus being lured by the sirens. Then I snapped out of it and realized none of these things happened, but were instead the strange dreams of Tommy Westphall.

The first track on this album is ‘Green Gazing’, and it begins with a coo of “emotion”, twinkling synths and tom toms. They’ve clearly joined the club. The synths begin to develop into an arpeggiation and micro drums enter into the mix.

Afterward is ‘All Those Moments’, a really sweet chillwave song with a touch of nostalgic sadness in the melody arrangements. The synths used induced an instant fondness in me, a swelling remembrance of days passed.

Last is ‘Blue Velvet Girl’, surely a girl after my own heart as Blue Velvet was always one of my favourite Lynch films really. The track is very sweet and almost formally lovely. This was my favourite track on this so short album, and I really love that the toms come back toward the end and the compressor-driven phasing is a nice touch on a track like this, almost feeling like a stab at creating the momentum of a modern dance track but in slow motion. Underwater even. Actually, more than anything I’m reminded of miniatures. This is what, I believe, a music box should sound like, if it were made by a modern artist.

In final, I will just totally recommend this to you, and now it looks as though I’m going to have to dig around through MYRDAL.’s discography for any more hidden treasures. Good night!


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