Body13 – Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant Of Many Things (SPNet059)

The artwork for Body13's album Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant Of Many Things shows us what it's like when things besides cells and amoebas start splitting. It kind of reminds me of the mitochondrial revolutions of Parasite Eve, and it also kind of reminds me of the genetically modified food industry.

Artist: Body13
Title: Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant Of Many Things
Label: SP Recordings
Cat#: SPNet059
Keywords: Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, and welcome to another review! Today in America it’s Thanksgiving… a holiday marking the genocide of the natives of this country that people celebrate by eating copious amounts of food before passing into a farting slumber. Some of us, however, are still cognizant and dreaming… two states of being that this wonderful single-track ambient album by Body13 explores. I guess I’ve just been in a cognizant mood lately, re-cognizing the lull from before.

The album starts with a low, barely audible hum that sounds almost like air moving without anything necessarily to stir. A vibrating tone comes in, altering pitch occasionally… this tone comprises the first several minutes of the listening experience. Dreams are a fascinating topic, tied as they are to the subconscious mind. I was discussing dreams earlier with someone, and the strange urgency that more vivid dreams can impart without ever really providing much of a clue as to what they were about. It’s kind of like the feeling of having forgotten something important, maybe even life or death. Even the best explanations I’ve been able to come up with for some such dreams always feel like they’re missing an essential component of understanding. Mark Twain believed that everything that happened in his dreams were as real as waking life. I always thought that was an interesting notion to contemplate. I always find I’m more lucid in afternoon dreams, from back when I was more often able to take naps in the mid-day undisturbed for the most part. I almost feel conspiratorial about naps, in so many ways our society seems to want to crack down on the range of experience, to make our experiences more narrow. Hence the ban on hallucinogenic substances, the crackdown on mid-day rest that we must instead push through with often abused legal stimulants like caffeine and nicotine. After about 9 and a 1/2 minutes, a choir starts to pick up in the mix… it kind of reminds me of the music of Slowdive but in a vacuum, flattened to a single stream of unreverberating sound. The filter-work gives it an interesting, if slow-to-develop sense of space at times. It also kind of reminds me of Brian Eno’s Apollo. I can imagine someone in a massive space-suit drifting in space while tethered to a shuttle. I can imagine someone landing on the moon. Later on, new tones emerge… mostly strange whistles that could be, ah, whistles… or could be rusty hinges, or perhaps even feedback. The mental image it invokes by this point is of power lines stretching into an infinite horizon. Eventually, it devolves into low-mid range woodwind sounding electronic waveforms.

Overall, this is definitely something that is straight in the ambient vein. Background sounds for any occasion, but particularly for any time you feel yourself in a contemplative mood… or caught up in an excess of cognizance. Get this at the following link:

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