The Whores – Psychedelic Sunday Morning (TOTF041)

The... hahaha! Ok, yeah, this is the cover artwork for Psychedelic Sunday Morning, by The Whores. lol.

Artist: The Whores
Title: Psychedelic Sunday Morning
Label: Top Of The Flops
Cat#: TOTF041
Keywords: Not The Doors But The Whores (lol!), Psychedelic Experimental Keyboard Improvisation
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I saw this and just knew, beyond doubt, that I was going to end up reviewing it regardless of what it sounded like.

So how does it sound? Like experimental keyboard improv. It is very psychedelic, listening to it all the way through.

It is mostly just a bit of fun… that’s about all I can say!

Just… wow.

Get it here:

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