Bouwakanja – escape

artist: Bouwakanja
title: escape
cat: siro434
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: abstract, breaks, acid, free jazz, electronica
label: Sirona Records

After a heavy night of celebrating the existence of alcohol, there is always the morning after affect. There was no real damage although i wrote some Morse-coded messages on the internets before collapsing.
I thought that this hangover would be a great time to review some music. I tell you i browsed and browsed, checked out the requested albums pending for reviews that seriously (sorry) gave me a lot of headache. Almost three hours searching through a whole whirlpool of music which was or too much in my face or to soft i found finally something that i was eager to hear! an Escape made by Bouwakanja! i did not know or hear from this artist before but i do like to escape this morning part of the day with some interesting fun music!

So yes for the first track that is titled “for escape” you seriously need to get yourself prepared!
So undress yourself and put on a skirt made out of leaves (if you where not already wearing one). Put on this music and start to dance in a tropical style while showing off your hip-dancing skills. And with hip i mean shaking your hips baby! shake them like you have not done it before to this funky funny rhythm that will turn every rough morning into a hilarious dance session! maybe you can pick some flowers and hang around your neck or decorate your hair with it while moving about. This track is fun and makes you do things! perhaps things you normally wouldn’t do, but trust me the skirt of leaves and flowers in the hair would certainly add bonus elements while dancing to this excellent happy sexy funny music! It sounds ethnic, perhaps a mix of african and Hawaii and a good happy pill! this tune is pure pleasure i tell ya! my head is still bouncing but at least the dancing makes you sweat out the gathered alcohol, which in some cases can be a good thing!
Seriously if i spit in your mouth you would get instantly drunk from it!
uh sorry for the spiced up details.. but to come to the point “for escape” is so much fun that it will create an instant feel good crazy tropical party!

the title of the next track made me think of kraftwerk. The music sounds nothing like them which is a great blessing as the stiffness of robotic tracks is somehow a bit over chewed these days. This track “Manmachine” is so much more amazing and mind blowing! it contains everything that will make intelligent electronica and music lovers wet in the sexual organ area! This track goes everywhere and all over the place but it definitely makes sense from top to bottom! It is simply amazing what has been done over here! from arabic strings, till electro till mad breakcore beats and pure intelligent brilliantness! Filled with funky bits, effects and exciting moments, this track surely rules big time! It is basically a non stop surprise and there is no way you will not like what you hear! And if you don’t like it, you are probably a lousy musician jealous of this producer’s skills! amazing talent this Bouwakanja!

Room of many dimensions is the next track that will rock your world. We hear a funky played freestyle funk acid jazz stuff track. Not sure how to categorize this music as I’m just so flabbergasted by what my ears are hearing. half way we hear some voices and the track suddenly changes completely into space funk electronic ness with lots of depth to freak out in. It is like Bouwakanja created the perfect atmosphere of being high inside a beautiful place. Very amazing use of samples in this wonderful and outrageously good music that simply never stops amazing my ears. Even though the music is pure trip extravagance, the continues excellent beat programming (with serious mind blowing excellence) keeps you focused. The end of this amazing track is Bouwakanja showing off his skills to kill every hater with cheer brilliance! What can i say? this is pure Wow Wow Wow!

i just realized my hungover is gone, so the previous track is not only extremely good, it also contains property’s that will excite the listener so much that it will rush up your brain to clean the shit to comprehend what the fuck is going on!  OK the last track on this amazing release is a feel good one. it combines fun and lovely moving acid jazz and makes my head and body dance  in that funky rhythm. Oh yeah this swings and rolls and contains everything to make you happy whatever state of mind you where in!

Conclusion? Ah what can i say; pure brilliance!
if i didn’t have the urge to make music myself to express feelings i would certainly have quit-ted now, as this album is so good that it will turn your musical minds upside down!
These four tracks are simply amazing and incredible filled with powerful potential to entertain to the fullest! Party music, chill out music and trippingly high in acid music, it contains basically all you need! plus successfully  cures
hangovers! Perhaps i am still drunk and does this effects my review writing, but whatever you do; do download and spin this album for yourself! and in the style of “i cant believe its not butter” i would like to say “i cant believe its free!” ..

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