Sasha Darko – The Odyssey 2010

artist: Sasha Darko
title: The Odyssey 2012
cat: Siro020
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: space, ambient
label: Sirona Records

The Odyssey 2012 by Sasha Darko starts off with some electronic spacy synth theme.
Adding a driving beat that rolls nice with the spaced strings.
Adding a weird baseline to the mix and re-dissapearing it.
This track with its pop-warrior contagious drum and layers of strange synths is strange,
definiatly weird and i imagine some kind of green alien producing this.
Its not weird in the way that its insane, it makes all sense but it just sounds like something alienating to my ears.
It must be the sometimes out of tune things, or the awkward lo fi crashes. But somehow this track is absolutely awesome!
You have to get used to it, but when we are almost at the end it seems like everything comes together.
Even the crash at the end seems suddenly perfect!
This is an awkward track that is so well fun as strange and a bit like a strange alcoholic drink!
It gets you drunk!

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