Alyiann – Journey

artist: Alyiann
title: Journey
cat: Siro541
format: mp3 320 kbps
label: Sirona Records

It has been a while since i could find words to write and i am still a bit on the brainless side.
Perhaps it has been all the great music i have been feeding my ears lately?
A over doses of audio that made my brain in to a liquid brew?
Or does it has something to do with the ice tea i have been drinking?
as a day later i found the glass covered with dead red ants?
It must have been the wonderful aspertine doing a excellent job killing ants and thinking blobs.

Anyway as i write all this nonsense to you i have been listening to this mind pleasing EP by ALyiann. It is of a superb quality and does what it says in its tags; Chill u the fuck out!

The first track is called Methamphetamine and is simply delightful. If you like chill step that is..
Wonderful balanced electronic goodness and great arrangement that seems like the perfect track to drive in to the sunset, in search for new ways of living life. Its Methamphetamine for the brain and delivers pure dopamine while listening to this track that will make you into a happy and high listener. It sounds peaceful and goes very well with ‘The Northern Lights’.

The last track (unfortunately) is also very thrilling in the smooth soothing department. Next to deep base my ears are simply delighted by the bright and well made music. The adding of the lovely vocals in this track really takes the music to the next level. Loving the production over here and i can imagine that this is not only enjoyable while being sober, but also while being in the status of sobering up from a night on lucy in the sky products.

This way to short EP is simply delicious and would definitely love to hear so much more from where this is coming from.

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1 Response to Alyiann – Journey

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    Yeah! There was something in my tea two, but it was probably just caffeine. This is a really solid album.

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