HUMANFLUIDROT – view from the floor

title: view from the floor
cat: SPNet063
keywords: harsh noise
format: mp3 320kbps
label: SPNet
Out of nowhere there is this gigantic force of sound bouncing against my skull. A few seconds later it gains entrance by penetrating through my thick skin and there’s no escape! the nasty sound of HUMANFLUIDROT has taken over the room where normally my brain would have been placed. From inside my skull it sabotages its way back out by unleashing the most awesome noise revelations in sounds of sexy violence! It feels good to be violated and “view from the floor” is simply doing a great job to rape your skull in every possible way. Dentist brushes, megaphone speaking, typhoons, decaying decay, noiseful noise, and sexual bursts of violence!
These 11 minutes are extreme and very diverse! A fine piece of creative noise that takes on every expect that you wouldn’t possibly think off!
sharp needles, pointy knives and  electronic lazerbeams are having a blast in your head, and even if your ears start to bleed, you cant help it but smile in a state of noiseful happiness!

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