Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squealing Piglet Ensemble – Porcus Norvegicus (NRP35)

The album artwork for Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squealing Piglet Ensemble's Porcus Norvegicus reminds me of a bit of prose... here, let me see if I can find it. Ah, yes, I believe I could offer a resitation, perhaps an excerpt... "I'll eat pork rinds with god. In a land that speaks only with its eyes. No language, no dildos, no fucking laws! Where the whores can't sell their pussy. Or use their twats to gold dig. A land where us warriors run free with our big dicks out, and our fucking hair wild. Eat pork rinds, eat dead pigs. Eat pork rinds, eat dead pigs. Eat pork rinds, eat dead pigs. Salt their dead skin and put em in plastic bags. Fuck you, you fucking, farting robots. Suck my dead pig. Suck my dead pig!"

Artist: Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squealing Piglet Ensemble
Title: Porcus Norvegicus
Label: Neuropa Records
Cat#: NRP35
Keywords: Martial, Post-Industrial, Dark
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Yeah, the quote above on the image is a bit of copypasta, probably one of my favourites. Been trying to come up with a way to work it into a review, and I guess I got my chance. Gone are the days in which we might quote from Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, or Shakespeare, or Twain. Now, it’s copypasta. You know… the classics.

Anyway, every so often we get a request submission for review here at Yeah I Know It Sucks… what is odd, as you wouldn’t really expect it, is that these requests turn out nearly always to be of really fucking good quality. It’s mind boggling. Beside that, you’d think everyone would have figured out by now just how much we suck at Yeah I Know It Sucks. Just kidding, of course, we are no suckers.

The Neuropa label is definitely legit. They’ve released albums by Death In June, among others, who I love. This album, presented by Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squealing Piglet Ensemble, is likewise a dark masterpiece. Not a free net album, though! They’re offering CDs of the material for a reasonable price. Getting right to the music, what can you expect? Here’s the press release:

“Dark, threatening, industrial and carrying traces of artists like NON, early Laibach, and SPK, you will never really know what to expect from one track to the next. “Porcus Norvegicus” ranges through a full spectrum of menace. From subtle and disconcerting to sledge hammer heavy, to homicidally disturbed, Blitzkrieg Baby is taking trophies, not prisoners. Concentrating more on visceral feeling than driving within the lines of any one genre, the music comes from a place of turmoil and suffering—with a wry, twisted smile never far away.

Like an ego without any sense of moral propriety, Blitzkrieg Baby’s music is depraved, debased, stylized, brutal, and merciless—not so much written as it is channeled into reality by Kim Sølve (K100), Anders B. (Mind & Flesh), Bjeima (Alfa Obscura, Virus), Petter Berntsen aka Plenum (Swarms) and Alan Belardinelli (Solo trumpet, Bellevue School District All-City Junior High Jazz Band).”

The first track, ‘First Movement, First Kill’ is like a dark ambient terrorscape filled by martial drums, ominous orchestral drones and horn sweeps. The chimes, typically associated with pleasance, now are rendered as audio signals of our demise. It’s the audiology of warfare, of a coming apocalypse. Heavy 4/4 drums come in, accompanied by swarming hornet strings as well as a synthetic sequence.

After this is ‘Pig Boy’, in which low, amazingly visceral blasts of horn rumble your eardrums. More martial percussion enters the mix and you can hear voice samples in the mix that create an uneasy feeling. The gluttonous vocals that come in work really well with the overall sound to give you the sensation that you are in a hellish place, like a torture chamber out the back of some meat shop. You are pummeled for awhile, then a dark ambient soundscape unfolds complete(!) with saxophone and strange vocalizations, then a roiling bass… it’s actually amazing. Very impressed with the end of this track.

‘Disneyfied, Delirious And HIV+’ … sounds a lot like it sounds! It makes a deranged loop of a Disney / Raymond Scott-esque soundtrack and makes it feel wonderfully nightmarish, twisted. Skin torn, mutilated, we’re now watching cartoons in a dungeon awaiting the next bout of abuse.

‘Incinerator Symphony’ is a slightly more subtle composition in much the same way as the first track on the album, primarily a vehicle for ominous atmospherics and tribal war beat patterns. The frequencies the group are able to accomplish add greatly to the thematic flavor of stink and of rot. True masters at work.

Next up is ‘Stalker’ in which a heavily modified, modulated voice glitches out in the beginning while more wardrums beat fiercely. The orchestration is perfection! This is definitely horror soundtrack material. It evokes perfectly the feeling of watching a Michael Myers or a Jason Vorhees as he slowly stalks a victim. At any moment it would seem as though a ripper could tear a fleshy hole in your neck with an old hook.

The sixth track is titled ‘Sperm Crawling Back Into Its Hole’. It’s a spoken word piece with dark ambient underlying deathly percussive instrumentation. Absolutely, so far, this is my favourite track on the album. The vocals and how they intone alongside the music, each in turn affecting one another, in a track of this kind, with this subject matter. It’s beautiful, for just how fucked up it is. Rather… solely because of how fucked up it is.

‘Fuck Me Like You Hate Me’ takes us on a different ride, this one’s a stomping industrial dance track somewhat reminiscent of Portion Control or late Pankow. It’s incredibly chunky and definitely has a punch to it, while also maintaining that production that makes it feel bloated, like a carcass full of maggots. Beautiful maggots. Maggots of pure sound!

Then it’s ‘I Never Really Loved Any Of You’, a brief moment of noise in which Judy Garland or similar talent sounds as though she is being heavily marred by granulization synthesis.

‘Children In Uniform’ begins with harsh drumrolls, adding to them a low electro pulse beat. Then, shouting for obedience, discipline, the vocals start up. Tension strings rise and drop off.

Afterward is ‘The Pig-Shaped Tumor’, a very nice and texturally brilliant horrorscape. There are so many sounds… a low ribbet or grunt, swarm noises, strings and light chimes… and it all combines to form something more than a bit creepy.

‘Amputease’ is like a retread over territory previously covered by track 3, which is not to say it isn’t also very indicative of derangement!

‘Slasher’ also feels much like it’s on similar footing as ‘Stalker’; pure, unadulterated fear rendered as sound, as escape from a stalking menace without human remorse. The strings are like footsteps, coming too fast behind you for you to do anything to save yourself. Then it’s over…

… last is ‘Viva La Morte’, another percussion driven dark ambient track that ends the album in much the same way as it began. Annihilative, entropic, you feel as though you are gasping for breath in the darkness of your soul. This night never really ends. The bass guitar is a nice tough, adding a prowling, throbbing feel to the track.

I’m not going to ask you to suck a dead pig, but I will recommend you get this. I’ll also provide a link to the Neuropa Records website so that, if you wish, you may purchase it directly from them and nourish yourself with the sweet, milky gold that has poured from the Blitzkrieg Baby’s multiple, hairy teats. Enjoy!

You can also visit the artist’s page for more sounds and info here:

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