Bash Nova Vs Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Self-Titled

Artist: Bash Nova Vs Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
title: Self-Titled
cat: Siro548
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: Ambient / Experimental / Accidental Guitar / Other
label: Sirona Records

The first track is by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and is a Black Leather Jesus tribute called ‘worhip the gods and swallow with pride’. This title creates a probably offending picture in my head that I rather not write down.. it god something to do with someone in leather on a cross and someone else swallowing with pride.. I can assure you it’s a dirty image and as it got not so much to do with the music I am hearing, I will censor my own imagination. We at Yeah I Know It Sucks tend to be child friendly. The actual track is also of a friendly nature. We hear a warm environment made up of a source of continuous brewing sound. It feels like it has been recorded outside in a field, with strange installations that get triggered by a slow breeze in the sun.
Bash Nova is up next with a cool track called ‘Open Up To The Light Within’/ It is a perfect match with the previous work of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, but Bash Nova tends to take us deeper into your inner space.   The music takes us away in a exciting draft of sound. My ears are completely intrigued by what I am hearing and the bangs in the depth of the mix are reminding me of gates closing and opening while traveling through your own head.  Its an amazing experience and not at all unpleasant.

The Beauty Of Blasphemy’ is the second track of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and feels like we are at the right place and at the right time. After traveling through our own head this track feels like some kind of comforting station to take a rest. It feels like a place where we all have been before and yet at the same time very unknown and bizarre.  It must have been the strange combination of night time insects and the busking street artist inside a giant traveling station. I can’t help but feeling at ease here and don’t care if I miss my next train, flight or ray of light to get back to reality. I like this place and want to just sit here in the sound of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and watch the strange travelers pass by..

Bash Nova’s Overhaul Of Fear is the last track on this match made on earth between these two brain connected artists.  This is like what the title suggest slightly dark of tone but absolutely a track that stands out in its exciting form. It feels like listening to a soundtrack of a sinister movie or perhaps the darker thoughts of your own brain. Some recognizable sounds from an earlier track show themselves in a more terrifying way. The music is alive and breaths in your ears, like it is basically so much more than just music. The depth and the great tension of sound placement really create an interesting movie for the mind. Bash Nova takes you to a place in your own grey matter where you have probably never been before.

This split is very enjoyable and the two artists are so plugged into their concept or theme that the result is in perfect balance. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt takes more the absurdity and makes you at ease, while Bash Nova pushes your brain into some kind of deeper layers to explore.

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