SP ALL-STARS – We Did It Our Way : SP Tribute To Sinatra

title: We Did It Our Way : SP Tribute To Sinatra
keywords: Frank Sinatra, experimental, dark ambient, drone, folk, lobit, power electronics, remixes
format: mp3 320 kbps
label SPNetD  http://spmusic5.bandcamp.com/

‘I Wont Dance’ by (o)thers and Frank Sinatra sounds like Frank has been drinking and stumbled upon an emotional electro club. Completely wasted he is hanging on to the walls as they are melting.
Frank sings his song while trying to stand up straight. He won’t be dancing even though the music is catchy. Through his own filtered ears the music is simply acid-fied which makes this track an absolute memorable track! The right start for an brilliant doses of Frank Sinatra adventures…
‘Violets For Your Furs’  by Doomettes and mister Sinatra brings us straight to the point when a blend of too much drugs, too much over rated modern club music and a mixture of alcoholic beverages have knocked the man himself down. Singing to himself with a gigantic buzz while lying with his head in a pile of someone else his urine. Frank Sinatra never seems to be heard in this way, which is of course his real ‘My Way’..

‘That’s Life’ by Spirit Systm  takes on a more brighter note as this sound like Frank is not going to Hollywood but straight to heaven. Some nice rolling beats and angelic guidance that is showing the good man the light. I can just imagine mister Sinatra floating about while a voice is talking about being brainwashed from the age of 10 years old’. It seems like the whole life of our hero just seems to pass the revue of his brain… that’s life and now you are dead.

Well.. not exactly because Frank Sinatra teams up for a duet with miss Wuomos on a track produced by Packert Hell. This track blends these wonderful characters together by urging the people not to talk about them while their gone. Let the dead live in peace, otherwise they may come and take revenge of all the money (and fun) you have made from their delicate deaths.

I’ll Be Seeing You’ by Drain Cleaner and Frank is the perfect track that will indeed warn you again but in a more showtune of hell kind of way. Frank will come and haunting you and will sing you all until everyone dies of a well deserved heartattack. Who you gonna call? The ghost busters? Muhaha
‘Send In The Clowns’ by Miner 33 listens away like funeral music at a zombie field. Relaxing notes of well played piano music, satisfying the undead who have been visiting Frank’s grave with fallen off arms and tears in their eyes.  Beautiful drama elapses when frank stands up from his grave to sing some sentimental notes to his beloved crowd of walking dead.

The Implicit Order comes up for some nice remembrance with the classic song ‘New York New York’.
The video clip in my head contains a rotting body of mister Sinatra somewhere in a dumpsite in that beloved city. Fly’s and maggots are having a nice meal from our favorite singer. The singing of our decaying hero makes sure he is still number one!

‘Frank Sinatra’ by Zom-Belle’s Palsy cracks me up like a laughing hyena on the laughing stock. It is basically a take on the electro hipster culture that raped and laughed in the face of our hero, and took the piss all over again on this hipsters. Don’t fuck with Sinatra, you electro twats. The audio mafia of SP will knock on your door, rape your so ‘cool’ track and then dance on your head with a sledge hammer. (while of course wearing hipster clothes)
That;s Life! By BLOAT is another song of protecting and honor for our legendary Frank Sinatra.
I wonder how it is possible that ‘that’s life’ is a more popular track than his ‘my way’ .
It sounds like Frank Sinatra is singing while he is laying on a busy motorway, while cars are simply driving over his limped body. He (touch man that he is) keeps on singing until a truck drives over his head.. pure silence! I imagine Frank Sinatra as the Kenny of southpark.. he dies, but never dies!

Der Domestizierte Mench brings some funky showbiz ness to the scene with a track called LIAT.
We hear the showmusic going clueless without its singing leader on the scene. They do their best to show their musical crafts until the death version of Sinatra comes out with its haunting and exciting vocal range. Frank Sinatra are you in hell?

‘Summer Wind’ by The Rain People sound precisely what the title is suggesting. A summer wind with some sparkly instruments gliding away in a nice breeze. It feels like a dark jazzy afternoon with a sad undertone  of death. Frank Sinatra sing a song through a old radio in the summer wind. The haunting drone sound gives warmth as well as it gives me the freaks. Excellent indeed!

W! Re comes up  with a track called ‘Old Man Green River Killer’, a murderous track that of course features Frank Sinatra and a female counter part. It feels like some kind of futuristic interview from beyond the death while our hero is fondling the female below the table. Frank makes it ‘sound good’
and the music got a very special part in this insane weird track. Strange but somehow this makes Frank Sinatra senior sound like some kind of pervert. Isn’t that great?

Ryder Farms – Under My Skin’ takes on the classic song and gives it the extra vibe it needed. It rolls nicely and is kind of sexy. I can imagine a maggot singing it while feasting on the rotten body of Sinatra. It is sure is a calming and seducing track to say the least. I can’t help but hope the singer dies at the end of this song. Perhaps a overdosis of smooth singers who simply can’t get big and brilliant like the man with the golden voice himself. Frank Sinatra is the best!

Alex 14 vs Ech(o) pops up on this compilation with a track called ‘My Heart’ It is a creepy piece of brilliant mind fuckery that seriously honors mister Sinatra in a way he probably would never had thought off. Sounds that would be great material to play under his tombstone.  Half way it feels like Frank Sinatra is coming to life and starts a duet with Ech(o). I imagine a corps attempting to sing while basically lost all his vocal chords. Lucky the spirits found other ways to produce sounds!

MVSN teams up with mister Sinatra with a track called ‘I’m A Fool To Want You’ . This is probably frank at his best.. Acknowledging his own dead and the fact that he isn’t able to make love to Ech(o).
It’s a sad song of a fool that doesn’t exactly knows he is been dead for a seriously long time now.
The music is exciting and dark with lots of stuff going on, that simply wants you to make a horror thriller movie just to fit this soundtrack under neat. Absolutely giving me the shivers.

‘Something Gotta Give’ by Forfy is a track that starts abit like its Christmas. Bells of christmass hell and of course the showman music mixed with some modern electronic rhythems. We hear and remember the more happy side of Sinatra before turning into a futuristic mental mashup of old and futureschool showbiz music.  Something very weird indeed and beautiful indeed.

The Merricks with a track called )track missing) is a track that indeed sounds exactly like the title.
I have to be honest, this is the first track that i almost fell of my chair from utter brilliantness.
The rest of the tracks I have been able to sit or stand..
Tunnel6’s Unnecessary Bio is a track that sounds a bit like the ashes of Frank Sinatra has escaped (which explains the hunting sounds of this classic tribute) and someone is very bussy hovering it all up.  A nice warm hiss, someone getting killed in the background and it seems to be ‘spooky hour’.

Onewayness comes up with a nice track called YourFabulousFace’ which is the beautiful sound of coma. You know the sound you hear when the heartbeat meter stops, but than way more calmer and more subtle.

HʌPpϒnᴇss has a track hear that sounds like fireworks of the death. People are flying away straight to hell. Probably on invitation of  the massive fanclub of the Frank Sinatra clan. Don’t scream to much wonderful people, Frank is waiting for you at the end of the fire.

Flat Affect is our last musical hero that pays tribute to Frank Sinatra. His track is called Angel Eyes and takes on the convenient thought of Frank Sinatra shining a light on this whole project.
Whishing all the music makers that have thought of Sinatra his blessings and even his fanclub that is either or in hell, or a walking rotting zombie.. (and some left over human species) A calming track that makes me think about life and how great hero’s never ever really die.
Just waiting for the apocalypse to happen and the reunion of the Sinatra’s, Elvis, and even Madonna will return from their graves for your zombie enjoyment!

grab this compilation of Frank Sinatra inspired music, before it grabs (and eats) you!
This is of course an offer you cannot refuse! Download or die!

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