Syntactic – Eventide

Artist: Syntactic
title: Eventide
cat: Siro527
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: electronica, EBM, Synthpop
label: Sirona Records

Hey wonderful people, welcome back at another wonderful review on Yeah I Know It Sucks.
This time we are in the mood for something fun and we have a feeling that this album by Syntactic will cheer every sour looking face into a happy one! Don’t forget to feel the energy and bring your best mood while tuning into the 527th free release of Sirona Records!

New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Munich, Tokyo, Moscow, Los Angeles everybody in these city’s are invited to join the party by Syntactic’s vocoder voice! It feels like a personal happy invitation that even your city, or small town is not included it will still make you feel welcome in this funky electro world that the artists has created for you. Capital B swings of happiness and got a very enjoyable groove to dance on. Happy moments worldwide!
‘Eventide’ is the next track.. I had to read it as I thought that the vocal was saying ‘Even Thai’. As my residence is in Bangkok and that was not included on the first Capital party track. So I was glad to hear Syntactic didn’t forget Thailand. This track is very funky and electronically smooth. It reminds me of kraftwerk but so much more funky and loose. Where Kraftwerk is stiff as fuck, this makes you want to swing and dance around like you are a light weight well-oiled robot doing smooth moonwalks on slippery dance floors.  This is electro synth-pop at its best!

When I think it just can’t get any better, ‘Orchid’ starts playing. A sweet electronic dance track that makes your head swing and your heart smile. It feels absolutely retro and in this case there is no way out than loving every second of it. Nice Acid bubbles and effective happy melodies that are simple but so good. This is the music every retro electro lover will be happy to hear. Good for any feel good party and basically for every moment of the day. Absolutely happy robotic music for ultimate feel good moments!  Can’t get enough of it!

‘Hourglass Mirror (minimal Edition) is another funky track that mixes sweet electronica with a more aggressive guitar sounding sound. It is very effective and makes you clap along with its static drumloop. Happy music that makes you wane dance with your hands up high and wobble your ass without shame! Really cool stuff that just rocks in its perfection! This unique combination of music really knows how to make you into a funky retro dance maniac!

The next track is State of Mind {remixed by M.F.H.} + Numbers.. No idea what this all means, but music wise it really feels good. A funky rolling bubble electro bass add a sweet trippy minimal space electronic melodies and a in your face beat.  The bubbling baseline gets replaced by some dark tones on a piano before switching to just the beat and some robotic sample-fuckery.

‘Digital Wind’ feels like the robots have landed in a snowy Christmas environment.
sparkling spectacular and cozy lights from their vessel  and blasting sweet hypnotic alien melodies.
This is the first track without a beat and feels like a rest point, some fresh cute air for our sweaty faces.  This feels like robot love and sounds adorable sweet.

track 8 is the start of a ‘demo’ track called Sensonica. I am not sure the reason why this has been tagged as a demo as it sounds absolutely funky. To the point minimal music that feels perfect material with the previous tracks. This swings and makes you feel like doing some robotic breakdance moves. Super sweet and danceable for pure pleasure seekers to enjoy!
‘Endless (demo)’ feels also very good, an old school rhythm that makes my bones dance in a funny way, and a melody that makes me think of some royal  doing some show on the dancefloor.
Perhaps Prince Charles with giant ears enters the spotlight and shows his love for funky music.
He is cool, he got flair! This music makes everybody into a grooving maniac, no matter where you are from!

‘Hello Friend (demo)’ sounds more like a demo than the previous tracks, but still a very lovely one.
It contains some flashbacks of the previous track but adds some nice wet sounds, and a more melodramatic atmosphere. It is missing a baseline, but then again who cares really. It rolls nice and the melodies are pop material for robot lovers.

Unfortunately the last track on this great album is ‘ X (demo)’ this demo track feels like it just misses something (like the previous demo) I guess it just misses a baseline really. But ‘demo’ is a ‘demo’ so I won’t be too harsh on this, as it feels more like an extra bonus track for the people (like myself) who just don’t get enough of this artist sound!

My conclusion of listening to this album is that this is absolutely worth your time and attention if you are into this kind of music that is. It really feels like light happy entertaining retro electro pop that will seriously do good at any situation. I would play this to my friends (If I had any) to create a nice and fun atmosphere while entertaining them in a self-made carton box-robot suit. Just push some stuff to the wall and create some space for breakdancing guests and I am sure it will be an unforgettable party! The demo tracks on this album are a great bonus and feel like they are almost finished, but not yet entirely. A nice extra on top of this great funky record!
grab it over here:

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