Voai vs Floating Mind – D-view

Artists: Voai VS Floating Mind
Title: D-View
cat: monoKrak137
keywords: deep, minimal, techno,
label; Monokrak http://www.monokrak.net/

In these busy lives we are living it is good to know that there are quality producers out there who donate their music for free on the internet. In this case I am talking about Voai and Floating Mind.
They have teamed up to bring a very deep and cool EP that will please every minimal techno listener to the maximum.

Voai starts this split with a track called ‘Konsultacja Esopc’ which is a very relaxing and trippy techno track that takes the listener on a journey of quality minimal techno.  The music is warm and very hypnotic and groovy.The sounds are of an excellent quality that would be great to hear in the car late at night, or in a club while chilling on some funky pillows. The warmth the music generates is precisely what we need in this snowy weather time of the year. The 4 by 4 base kick that pops in shows absolutely no mercy to capture your techno loving souls. Loving every second of this midnight classic!

Floating Mind is a perfect match with Voai and certainly doesn’t bow under the pressure of the previous track. A groovy techno beat hits your speakers and grabs the listener’s ears in a hypnotic state of mind. On top of this uncompromising good groove there are layers of depth that come out of nowhere and fade out into oblivion. After a break where we feel somehow weightless the beat kicks in even more and gets freakier with sexy variations.  The deep ambient layers on top of this unforgettable techno beat are creating a wonderful landscape inside your head.

If you are into deep minimal techno and demand top quality than this free release is definitely worth the download. Grab it over here:

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