Pobedia & Nebyla – Good Morning EP

Artists: Pobedia & Nebyla
title: Good Morning EP
cat:  DDR006
format: wav files
keywords: deep house, ambient drone, techno
label: Drift Deeper Recordings http://driftdeeper.com/

Mountain Yard by artist Nebyla is a smooth and above all sexy deep house track that keeps it traditional techno values. This is a lush production with lots of depth and smooth variety. Cut up vocal minimalism, mysterious sweet melodies are creating a warm morning atmosphere.
The rhythm that drives this track is contagious and will pleasure everyone who is into deep house music.

6a.m. by Pobedia sounds electronica wise like waking up in the early morning. Warm sounds that tend to float around in the bedroom and tickle the blankets to wake you up. We hear the world waking up electronic trains are moving by and the cold morning air is filling up the room.
A nice groove comes in and feels like a heartbeat just awaken after a good night sleep.

These two tracks are well balanced together and are certainly hitting the same kind of mood.
It is not the kind of music that wakes you the f*ck up, but certainly is more of the soothing kind and be played by people who like to stay in bed  a little bit longer and hear some well-matched ‘good morning’ music along with it. This is not at all in your face and probably spins just long enough until you find comfort in your pillows again for another couple of hours of well-deserved sleep.
get your good morning over here:

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