Lost Harbours – The Frozen Land

artist: Lost Harbours
title: The Frozen Land
cat: SPNet068
format: 320 kbps
keywords: Dark Folk, Ambient
label: SPNet http://www.sprecordings.com/spnet.html

What do we have here? Is this another excellent surprise coming from SPnet?
This feels like a very special and excited release that brings intimate folk music for our hearts.
The first track is Thru Fog and is a stripped down song full of emotion and sentiment. The music takes its time and creates a winter-ish landscape
full of lost tales and folklore. I guess the main basis of this source of warmth are the melodies played on a sensitively played clarinet.
It feels like we are out in the open near a little streaming lake. Perhaps near a campfire (that would explain the crackles of the wood).
But wherever this music is performed it is not only us who enjoy it, also the birds seem to sing along with happiness. Beautiful dreamer music that fits the cold December month perfectly.

‘Clouds Wander’ is the next track and continuous to entertain the dream state. This time the artist creates a piano work that feels very much alive.
The melody feels like a story told by the keys of the piano. Things grow, snow falls and even in dark days there is always something to love and cherish. The composition is created from the heart and seems to be very well thought off. The dramatic parts are played like only a human soul could play. With eyes closed, the hands on the keys creating a sincere world with notes.

Kalljord’ is the last track and it is certainly not to be missed. We hear a acoustic and a bass guitar played at the artist favorite speed and simply mesmerizes the listener with it. The melodic wanderings feel like magic for the soul. This all is happening on a nice tasty salad of manipulated field recordings.

This release is perfect. I mean it’s perfectly performed its original material and to be honest it completely relaxed me big time. I feel almost like reborn again. (Minus the blood and without popping out of my mother’s vagina)  And i feel that if you aren’t satisfied after hearing 3 tracks of this lovely work, than there is no one to stop you to play this release again. (And again)
A very high re-play value and probably a mush have release for these winter days.
Do download this pretty music over here:

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