Visszajaro – Lezet – Split

artists: Visszajáró  & Lezet
title: split
cat: SPNet066
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: noise, soundscape, experimental
label: SPNet

Visszajáró – Angelus Novus is a dark entertaining world that opens up with squeaky sounds of rusted metal. A layer of Electronic warmth, blips and crackles are comforting the ears before freakier things start to happen. We hear a change of mood as the experimental sounds are getting more intensive and mentally aggressive. A mashup of free based sounds that feels like a mix of rumblings, a meltdown, a piano player losing its mind, murderous psychopath activity and laughing labrats in a mad scientist laboratories. Even a punk rocker is captured in this magical field of interesting sound expedition. Bees are buzzing around and fingers rape a stringed instrument with utter delight. This track is so full of things and simply blows my mind. A bomb full sound recording that speaks to the imagination and is an extreme joy to listen too. Really awesome stuff you really should check out for yourself!

Requiem For A Signaling Device is another track by Visszajáró and certainly excites my ears in every possible way. Some strange freaky freak out can be heard that is even though highly experimental got the effect of an intensive live acid tune. Its amazing how this track moves and what can be done combining signaling sounds and a freaking wobble sounding machinery. The extra crackles that sometimes pop up really gets the atmosphere of a deeper depth and the warm tones are playing with my ears. I simply love how this track is buildup and how things come and go as we speak. This is an exciting and above all orgasmic piece of electronic brilliance. I read somewhere that some clown wrote that experimental music is dead, well this is proof that its absolutely alive and well! Beautiful!

After this brilliant set Lezet takes over with a peaceful work called “Traffic “. Its a very nice and open composition of bell like crystal sounds making melodies of pure sweetness. Its a calming take of music and feels like a good massage for your brain to calm down. Where Visszajáró took the full on stimulant of everything you could ever think off thinking wise, Lezet really stripped this track down to its lovely basics. No low tones, no hidden secrets or messages, a lively track to fall in love with.

With Hoot,  Lezet takes another take to make something very enjoyable. This track is like the previous one recorded in a very sterile environment and the recording sound crystal clear. My ears are massaged by seemingly random triggered glass like sounds of pure beauty. No need for notes or melodies really as this music is so enjoyable i keep holding my breath while listening. Love it.

The last track on this must have release is another one by Lezet. This time it feels like the artist wants to wake you up and prepare you for the upcoming day or night. It contains an experimental approach with effects and an instrument i have trouble to identify. It feels like a mixture of a flute, guitar and a synthesizer keyboard and it is taking the volume up a bit to be sure it reaches all the corners of the listeners brains. This is a track i would like to hear instead of a roosters call to wake me up in the morning! It excites me and i hope it will excites you too!
check this experimental awesomeness over here:

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