Nekophiliac – Where Am I? EP (VCR-014)

Pictured: the album artwork for Nekophiliac's Where Am I? EP... the answer to the question is, you're in a jpeg. Scary, I know, but with very little effort we could get you back into a png in no time.

Artist: Nekophiliac
Title: Where Am I? EP
Label: Vitamin C Records
Cat#: VCR-014
Keywords: Lolicore (omg ._.)
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Nekophiliac is a peculiar word, etymologically split in half between the Japanese ‘Neko’, meaning cat, and the Greek ‘Phile’ which… refers to brotherly love, affection, friendship except as, in this case, it is used as a suffix, at which point it tends to denote attraction in a more likely erotic sense. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s start talking about music!

This short EP begins with ‘Moetan Mind Travel’, very IDM but for much of the first part of the track there’s a distorted 4/4 kick. The bell tones are all up in your face! Clipped drums, moe-moe vocal samples… it is, sonically, exactly what you’d expect to hear.

‘The Future Looks Bleak’ continues with overt bell tone synths, very digital and reminiscent of the Yamaha DX7. Loli vox give way to more IDM-esque breakcore with distortion bass.

Then it’s ‘LunarIDM’, which begins with more Japanophile vocal samples, organ, then brings in the high-speed breaks. This music is relentless! Very digital mid-bass synths come in toward the end, but don’t make much of a splash.

The last track is ‘Dreaming Of Better Times’, which… doesn’t really change up the formula at all. It’s probably the grooviest track on this EP, though. I liked how the sounds morph a bit. The breakcore elements are amped up even further.

If this looks like the sort of EP you would enjoy, then chances are you probably will. Wasn’t my cup of tea, at least not so much. Here’s a link, though:

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