The Ssss – Humovision Ep

Artist: The Ssss
title: Humovision Ep
cat: Nu-Logic030
keywords: electronic, house, disco, downtempo, chill out
label: Nulogic Netlabel

What I am reviewing here is by far a very bright full and wonderful release that my ears where pleasantly surprised with. ‘Humovision’ is absolutely one of these professional sounding electronic releases that are far above average and beyond. Brilliantly mastered and packed with layers that brings the listener in a amazing trance of sexy dance music. The producer got the skills and absolutely does what it does best in this amazing intelligent work of craftsmanship.
The title and openings track ‘Humovision’ simply amazes and arouses the listener at the same time with is perfectionism. With its 7:41 playing minutes the producer makes sure your ears will never have one second to be bored about, as the music brings the listener in a hypnotic state that constantly move your ears from one surprise into another, without losing the main vibes.
Absolutely sexy!

After such a amazing track it is not easy to find music that is a good follow up but with ‘Llamado de Awen’ the producer did a good choice to go for a different kind of track than the previous one. Where the previous tune hypnotized you in a trance of warm dance music ‘Llamado de Awen’ takes a sweet approach of excellent and sweet chill out music. It reminds me a bit of the hit of baldheaded producer’s hit from a tea drinking Moby. But Then again of course it sounds like so much more and deeper. Lots of warmth, sweet strings, beautiful lovely mellow melodies molded in a beautiful sounding wonder of music.

‘Canopus’ is the name of the swinging track that The Ssss has included in this sweet EP of pure electronic enjoyment. This is a swinging track that let the soul of the producer shine through with its lively played electronic keyboard funkiness that grooves in this warmth of feel good music.
Great quality and the music keeps its heart beat pumping in a pushing groove while the funkiness will capture your ears like it’s a jazz tune from the future. Absolutely loving it.

As The Ssss already proved that it loves to surprise the listeners ears at all times and the last track is yet again of a complete different attitude. It’s chill out but takes a more dramatic tone with its beautiful and compassionate strings and constructive synthetic baselines. The deep beat is taking you on a adventure of downtempo coolness. Warmth approaches our ears and slowly but surely the music opens its mystique beauty. The producer got so much eye for details and creates a wonderful music track that French electronica duo ‘Air’ could learn a lot from. Also the fact that this music is totally for free and so full of love makes this a unique masterpiece.

Forget Moby, forget Air and forget everything you thought was good music as The Ssss delivers his work that is pure excellence with its beautiful approach of music. Absolutely amazing music and this is yet another Ep that is an absolute must have for every self-claimed electronic music lover!
Don’t hesitate to download ‘The Ssss – Humovision Ep’. Absolutely well recommended!

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