Bye-Product – Closet Generation – Single (Siro330)

Aaaaaaaghyes, this is the album artwork for the Closet Generation single from Bye-Product. Aaagh!

Artist: Bye-Product
Title: Closet Generation – Single
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro330
Keywords: Broken Beat, Samples, Experimental, Electronica
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Get used to that face, it’s all over the place. When I first saw this image actually, I thought, “is that… no, it couldnt be…” I actually am still not sure if it is or is not. This is a single from Bye-Product titled Closet Generation… I wanted to review the full album Star from which this single came, but that seemed a bit daunting for the moment. I’m sure we will get to it eventually.

Without too much of an intro to write on this one, I believe it is time to head onward, to the music!

There’s a clipped 4/4 beat with really pretty synth overlay, barest hints of piano, and then wonderful diva samples. A plonky, popcorn sequence starts up and the samples become more fierce. There’s a funkiness to this track that is hard to describe, it’s like rigid soulfunk music. I’m digging this. It just won’t stop, and kind of gets better the further in it goes, as every new layer of diva that’s added steals your attention while previous layers come together to form a sort of backing chord arrangement, and the groove just keeps the syncopation and jittery vibe going.

The first remix is by c4g. It takes a more melodic but spare approach at the beginning, focusing at first at simply edits and cutting everything to pieces, then adds a nice reverberating 808 groove. Once that comes in, you feel less like you’re listening to a glitch track, even as this is in that vein, and more like some kind of experimental electro / hip-hop b-side. It’s simple, but effective. Really nice.

Afterward, and last thing here, is ‘Closet Generation (Ensoi Remix)’, which also begins by focusing on the clipped nature of the track, but adds reverb and then pure sine melody, a laser-bass, not all of which sound in harmony with the bits of the original track. Then breakbeats start up, change a little here and there. It’s one of those types of remixes that almost feel like a radically different track was made and then clips of whatever was to be remixed were just inserted in at random. It gets a lot better when the vocal clips are re-inserted, sounding more full and sonically interesting! The vocal snippets work really well, cavorting with the junglist riddims and IDM sound manipulation. The melodies are hard for me to get past, though, sounding vague and out of place in the larger scheme of the track, but what can you do. They’re much nicer when you hear them at the end, as they stand better alone than they do in tandem with the original track.

All in all, this is a single worthy of your attention I believe. So… get this thing here, if it is your will to do so:

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