Phantasm Nocturnes – Ehoes From The Abyss

Artist: Phantasm Nocturnes
title: Echoes From The Abyss
cat: Petroglyph 053
keywords: dark, experimental, noise, drone, ambient, psy-electronic
label: Petroglyph Music

When the first tones crawl in your ears it’s a mist of foggy darkness. Slowly creepy electronic swamps appear where mutated frogs and other creepy crawlers are hiding out in the wet and damp environment. At the end it feels like this atmosphere has come out of an magical didgeridoo with special transporting powers. “Awakenings” is more visual than a nature program on discovery channel!

The bewildering nature of darkness shaped by the artist is not going to let you run for the nearest exit. The soundscape surrounds you and keeps you exactly where it wants you to be. Trapped in a mysterious world of abnormal darkness that is fascinating as well as it sounds dangerous. The giant depth that has been created over here feels like a complete world of the unknown. Only the brave would go out and explore as the banging strange sounds that tickle the ears are coming from an unknown creature probably lurking for our attention. This is indeed the sound of “rising madness” or realistic troubles of nature ahead!

The night has seemed to have fallen down upon the shadows in this next episode in a world of eccentric darkness. A different area in this damp world will surround the listener and it feels like we are on some kind of small boat in the catacombs of an unknown location. Someone or something is pulling our boat by a iron chain while a muffled bird screams at our presence. Even though this should have been a safer place than being out in the open exposed to the dangers this unknown world has to offer, it still feels absolutely not safe at all. “Echoes From The Abyss” couldn’t have been a better title for this thrilling work!

Feverish moldy and gloomy creeps up in the next environmentally shaped composition that will hang you in suspense of this unexplored world. Deep within this brewing darkness we hear 6 legged bugs running around while a deep voice unwelcomes you with a breath of pure decay. The ending feels like our transistor radio has been playing games on us as the soundscape quickly disappears and leaves the listener with hints of soft noises.

“Restless Slumber” is the last track on this pretty release which sounds like a death ambient track that is alive and moving. Empty spaces of bewilderment and a wind of death is floating around in this eccentric unescapably maze. When the atmospheric music stops i feel like the artist lured me deep in this unfamiliar world and leaves you there without a hint or option to escape back to the “other” world.. Pretty good if you’d ask me!

Count in the fact that i am doing this review in a waiting room at a airport in (what the hell!). Abu Dhabi, it is amazing how this release can transport the listener to a complete different world. Just by putting the volume up and closing my eyes i got stuck in a damp swamp, a adventure in a abyss and other wild sci-fi environments of mutated nature and implanted fear for the unknown. It’s a shock to open the eyes and see the consumerized mad world of airport shoppers and cheap ass travelers that are stuck like me waiting for a transfer to a less tropical location. Even though the world that has been created in this release was definitely a dark theme it sure feels more real than wherever the f*ck i am, and will leave the reader now to hide back into the great shaped darkness that are the echoes from the abyss! grab your escape into the world of Phantasm Nocturnes over here:

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