Masticx – Room To Inspire (RDB046)

Inspired yet? You should be. It's the cover art for Masticx's album Room To Inspire. Rainbows are great.

Artist: Masticx
Title: Room To Inspire
Label: Rainbow Diving Butterflies
Cat#: RDB046
Keywords: Silly at times, but really good quality breakbeat with a diverse palette of sounds
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I wanted to hear some more music, so I walked across the web all the way over to the label Rainbow Diving Butterflies hoping to find something that would make me smile. The journey was long and arduous. I became delirious. My interfeet were incredibly sore for at least an hour afterward. It was worth it though, for I came to this album, a Mecca of Gold and Rainbows. I slept for three days and nights, but on the fourth day I arose, received back massages and happy endings from a coven of unicorns, and then decided I’d write a review about the whole thing.

The 1st track here is ‘Room To Inspire’, which starts with sustained notes of muted guitar and some breaks. There are lots of really nice frequencies that feel like sunshine seeping into your mind, plenty of distortion toward the end while the breaks become more disjointed.

The energy gets a lot more intense on ‘Creativity Stops With The Beat’. Strange synthetic noises and breakbeats bounce off the inside of your skull. You’ll want to smash a window to let all the fresh air in when really you could have just opened the window like a regular person. Sometimes you just have to take the brash, reckless approach to simple problems, abandon all pretense of civility. This is the soundtrack for a mood like this. Halfway through we’re treated to an awesome vocal sample that could be from anywhere between Israel and India, just pure soul and passion that fits really well with the rhythm of the track. Loving it so far!

‘NRG feat. Talisman’ is the next track, mostly well produced and full sounding acoustic guitar quickly joined by a vocalist speaking mostly German. Interesting filtering, breaks, a super awesome synth lead… this song’s got it. What of the vocals I understood was pretty funny. Really fun track!

‘Mr Bunky Flood’ was amazing. Starts with congas and a funky-ass synth bass. Adds some chill organ shit… happy music for a goofy day of doing nothing around town with friends. Some phasery noise whooshes in and out. Simple and fun.

Then it’s ‘Biddy Biddy Bye Bye’, some awesome shit-noise rhythms over a quick brokebeat. Some random organ stuff comes in. The music gets more and more intense, it’s kinda jazzy in a way.

‘Island Of Aphrodites’ comes in with a slow beat and harp thrushes that echo out into infinity… then a low saw-wave bass comes in. There’s the sound of something being wound up like a toy, followed by what could be an old polaroid camera snapping a picture. I hear squeeky toys? Birds? Hard to say for sure. This is a very weird island. The music gradually begins speeding up, which makes the groove feel more heavy even before the extra snare comes in. The bit toward the end before everything comes back in is the best part, with really cool synths!

‘Katharsis’ features a plonky synth bass and a trance-inducing sequence, followed by some broken beat type rhythms. The melodies are almost a touch discordant. Then some synth chords come in, adding a deepness to the vibe. It’s like hypno ambient texture, but it goes away kinda fast. Fortunately it does come in again, along with some deep oceanic sound effects that swoop around, a really nice touch!

‘Chromatic Blue’ brings the upright bass to the table, along with a clipped snare. Semi-chip triangle-wave sounds, dark pads and syntrumpet come in, adding complex layers of harmony to the track. Some of the tones are hypnotic in the way they seem to drone in the mix. There’s some really beautiful stuff going on here. Loving the atmosphere of the whole thing, and the way so many of the sounds play off of one another.

Then there’s ‘Are And Be’… re-eally nice sound on this one. Bit ‘o funky jazzy style stuff on this. Loving the organ / epiano melodies. The breaks feel like a series of bizarre Linndrum loops. The chord change-ups are great. This one had me intrigued the whole way through, especially with the absolutely mental drum programming.

‘Chubby Scrubby Dub’ brings in some electro psychedelia, then gives us a slow distorted 4-to-the-floor beat with echoing piano house/dub chords. I keep thinking, I like this album better and better as it goes on. It consistently amuses and surprises, filled with novelty. A slightly noise bell tone comes in and makes you feel happy when you hear it. The dubby sections are really nice, especially the sound of the lead synth.

After that is ‘Los Andes’, with really wild flute sounds playing in harmony. Then, when the guitar comes in and the flute frequencies expand out and do their own thing, it’s totally amazing. I love this track, it might be my favourite on the album. There’s a vocal warble, cricket sounds… it’s like being out in the open, perhaps on a prairie, just hanging out with bugs and stuff. Stuff goes all slow-mo for a bit and the tune of everything goes out, the effect of which is really strange on your psyche. This is like taking peyote. It’s an experience unto itself. Sonically amazing and wondrous.

‘Love Is The Key feat. Vikute’ has really low bass rattling, a heavy breakbeat, female vocals, strange noises and sounds sliding up and down, in and out. It’s really pretty good!

And, finally, we come to the last track on the album, which is titled ‘Mist Of Dawn’. Sounds swirl around us. Pianos play melodramatic chords. Muffled and lovely ambient vocals warp into our field of hearing. The downtempo breakbeat keeps it moving. I love the modulated organ sound… what is it with awesome organs and electric pianos being on everything I’ve heard tonight, haha! This is a really cool closing track, though, giving you that chill feel. That’s the way an album like this should end. It’s like a day has passed. So many of the varied sounds are produced in interesting ways, occupy interesting places in the mix and are comprised of unusual frequencies that give the music a very trippy feel.

I enjoyed this album quite a bit, and so might you if you’ve got any room to be inspired… let this album into your soul and see what amazing things are in store. The link:

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