Basura – 32kbps (Siro393)

Artwork for 32kbps by Basura. This is what your body starts to look like after it's spent about a week decaying in a Tron machine.

Artist: Basura
Title: 32kbps
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro393
Keywords: Ambient, Lobit, Electronica, Braindance
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Never before have I heard such deep lobit tunes! I mean, we’ve delved pretty far down into the binarial abyss at Yeah I Know It Sucks, but this really takes it to a new level.

The first on this short, 2-track thing is ‘BRB’… oops, brb…

… ok, I’m back. Wow, this track is really deep. It’s a low, ambient texture. The electro/techno rhythm breaks the depth like a cheap bottle over your head. Many, very bizarre sounds come in, some that sound like horns and others that are entirely alien to my ears. The beat shifts itself a bit. I feel at times like some of the other sounds wreck the vibe a little, but it’s interesting because it allows the space of the track to sort of warp back in and out… it’s like the expansion and retraction of a universe has become caught in an infinite loop, slave to the beat.

The following track is also the last one, titled ‘TJLJAR’, and it’s a bit like mellow mood music and a bit like a jungle at night struggling to emerge through the low bitrate. Super deep, probably my favourite of the two pieces. The piano-esque vibrating tones are like the nocturnal pulse. Strange animals call out for us to wander the streets late at night, in search of either sustenance, intoxicants or sex. Toward the end the bells ring out in a beautiful harmonic scale, then evaporate into the fog.

Final words… I’m just happy we have artists like this, exploring the depths of lobit, expanding our awareness of what is possible in a form most find too “limiting”. Just get it, you will not regret!

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