Jii-Music – The Realms Mourne (Siro472)

Artwork for The Realms Mourne, by Jii-Music. Where do these dark, mysterious woods lead? To Starbucks, like every path seems to.

Artist: Jii-Music
Title: The Realms Mourne
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro472
Keywords: Dark Ambient, Drone
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

How dark does something have to be before it can be considered dark ambient? There should really be a scale of ambient darkness. On one end would be something like John Tesh or Yanni and on the other… this album. It’s that dark. It’s the intro to Tales From The Darkside dark. It’s darker than black. It’s Blix black.

… the darkness of this album cannot be overstated.

So, first we have ‘A Bleeding Star’, which begins with an ominous drone and deep howls of wind. Evolving from out of the fog are an unsettling combination of synthetic sounds. There is a slight juxtaposition of digital feedback and machine noise with slightly more organic atmosphere, but it is difficult to decide which is which at times as they are well blended. The frequencies make you nervous… you’re never quite sure if something is going to jump out at you.

The next track is ‘Ring Of Saturn’, a roiling undertow of synth drone and spritzed with bell-signal beeps. Trying to imagine Saturn while listening… and I feel like the music evokes a feeling of subtle helplessness and dread, as though our ship’s power has died and we’ve been swept into the planet’s gravity field, doomed to rotate amidst the debris comprising the rings, worried that at any moment a rock of ice could tear a hole in the vessel causing the air to rapidly escape. The undulations of the drone induce hypnosis…

… ‘The Realms Mourne’ finishes the album. There are light brushes of white noise amidst a clutter of modulating frequencies that disturb the senses. Bits of horror ascending… malignant harmonies are assumed. Something like birdsounds… or crickets? This is the kind of music that makes me think of standing out on the porch of some cabin out in the middle of the woods in the early hours of the morning when you get that sense that something is staring intently at you and it creeps you out, but instead of hurrying back in you continue to stand there and stare out into the trees for a moment longer out of a concern that if you are the first to avert your gaze, whatever it is might grab you.

In total, this was a masterful and quite enjoyable bit of dark ambient music that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in the mood to delve straight into the heart of the night. It almost seemed too short to me at first, but the more I thought about it the more I began to feel that the length was perfect. Just enough to feel like you’ve made a journey, but not so long as to bore. You can find it in the deepest woods, but it might be safer to follow the link just right down there instead.


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