The !S.A.D! – Scattered EP (NJMP3-0486)

Eww.. it's the album artwork for The !S.A.D!'s Scattered EP. A lot of seriously bad things can happen to a finger over the course of it's lifetime.

Artist: The !S.A.D!
Title: Scattered EP
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0486
Keywords: Illbient, Dark Ambient, Hardcore, Downtempo, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

It took a long time for me to receive this, after several months of promises of being sent something by the artist. When it finally arrived, I immediately took it out with a friend while we drove through the winding, narrow and shitty roads in the woods at 3:00 AM listening to it as loud as we could. It was a surreal and frightening experience, very visceral. So I decided it was definitely good enough to put out on the label for others to hear. Now, you too can experience the majesty of strange electronic and dark sounds on this EP.

‘Sand Horyzon’ starts with a rattling, it’s like listening as Jack the Ripper stalks an alleyway for prostitutes. Deep bass drones form the under current, and eventually percussive noise seeps in before forming a dusty sweep into higher frequencies. Surges of resonant treble swell up toward the end, almost like nails on a chalkboard.

‘Scattered’ has a distorted break, lots of textures enveloping a guitar, an almost industrial/IDM quality to it. Wisps of dark choirs and pads creep in during a breakdown, after which sounds and all manner of frequency continue to railway through the speakers. There’s a distorted, muffled voice sample. You can’t quite cut through the tangle of sound, it’s a bog or mire of impenetrability.

Noise!.. on ‘Signal Scan’. Then a broken, distorted and bassy rhythm starts up. There’s a dub feel to the track, as industrial as it is… dark, minimal piano work, unsettling harmonies, bizarre electronic sounds. Bass, various noises and rhythmic bits float around.

The EP is really short, a complaint I seem to have of so many works these days, but it’s still effective for it’s length at pushing strange sounds and illiciting odd feelings. Check it out here:

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