Doombox – Doomsday(s)

Artist: Doomboc
Title: Doomsday(s)
cat: Siro554
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: apocalypse, dark ambient, electronica, experimental
label: Sirona Records

I’ve been away in the cold world of intensive flight delays, crap food and family reunions and now I am yet again landed in the comfort zone of sun, good food and animal lovers. Perhaps you didn’t miss me as Alex Spalding did such a amazing job being a music junkie while I was away.
But even though if you don’t care, I just wanted to say that I’m glad to be back and in the mood to explore quality music. And without more personal bullshit let’s dive in to doomsdays by Doombox!

baktun is a track that captures a sinister and eccentric world of pure mystery in a audio adventure. The sounds rinds me a bit of a classic Stephen king thriller. The king with Stephen king movies is that they could be come across as horror with a Disneyesque twist to it. Somehow this moving track of mysterious music creates the same magical blend of being able to keep the listener on its toes until after a while indeed the evil inside pops up to introduce itself.

Where the previous track was a bit like a slow-motion cliffhanger of a movie, this other weirdly titled track is more something for a marriage of deranged monks, insane gun happy cowboys and some funky bongo playing Indians. Of course they all meet up somewhere in the middle of a cold dark night next to a old railroad to perform this holy track of weirdness. Tzolkin is perhaps a weird looking title but it fits perfect with the music hiding behind it!

Foreplay to extinction is the next track that my ears simply enjoy. It’s one big blend of sounds and loops that because of reversing and re-reversing things really creates the atmosphere we are in some kind of carousel of Babylon. Police sirens, glass breaking and the usual noise of that side of society is all blended in there for a spectacular form of true backwardness. And believe it or not, i think in all sincerity that this madness sounds catchy too! (in this case thats a good thing ! )

the artist knows how to fool its listeners and simply waves us the finger with the last track that is painful as well as interesting. Where the previous track was foreplay for the end of the world, these sounds are pretty much like the real end. Perhaps not like the end of the world, but more the end of your ears. The high noisy sounds are nicely balanced with intelligent sounding points of interest which makes this track probably the most intensive expression on this release. when enduring this session long enough your ears get rewarded with melodies hidden in the shape of noise as well as a surprising rhythm section at the end..
Doomsday got a point as after every apocalypse prediction of the last century, we are still here and always continue the show! We are cockroaches, and we own this planet’s ass!

Before I start chit chat too much shit i just keep it to the point of where a review is all about. Doombox did a great job delivering a unique blend of music that is not really classifiable. Personally i feel that for the most part the artist created some kind of portal for people that normally not listen to experimental music. Something that could be the opening for exploring more music out of the normal comfort zones, as well as being entertainment on its own. Perhaps it’s because I’m back from a intensive trip that I’m not hearing complete doom in this release, or that i heard so many dark themed releases that this release by Doombox seems like more a brighter and happy side of the dark times we supposedly live in.
Whatever it is i really enjoyed it and hope you and your family will enjoy this music too! check it out at the following link:

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