Phantasm Nocturnes – cannibal rites

artist: Phantasm Nocturnes
title: cannibal rites
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords:  dark ambient, tribal, psy-electronic
label: SPnet

What can I say? What can I write to explain the following choice of release for a review?
Perhaps it’s the great looking album cover, or the fame of the artist name written all over it?
Well actually it’s because I thought that this is the perfect EP after the mindless binge eating some people do in this insane world. I do have nothing against eating; in fact I wish everyone could eat a feast meal every day. But there is something about the concept of eating with family members around Christmas time. It is some kind of weird tradition that families come together and sit around a table and act that they like each other while chewing on a bone of a dead animal.
Some people even go to church to hear a priest chat and eat a cookie called the body of Christ, while every day of the year pretending to be an atheist. Anyway who am I to judge these kinds of weird phenomena that is Christmas time, as I bet a lot of people actually enjoying themselves for real!
Anyway I guess it’s over as I write this, so I can just use this space to share one of my secret fantasies:
eating family members that are eating family members! One fills aunty up with a good stuffing and after some time in the oven, the other members will enjoy the old hag’s meat!
Spitting the bones under the nicely decorated Christmas tree in waiting for their own oven time, in the near future! Is this a fantasy of incest cannibalism?

Anyway before bad luck and karma will strike me down, I will try to review this very interesting and promising looking release by Phantasm Nocturnes. I know it’s not the first time I reviewed her work, but in general her work has never disappointed my earlobes and I wouldn’t mind if Phantasm Nocturnes would add some sugar to it and ate them! Anyway a well belated Christmas everybody and lets have fun exploring the ‘cannibal rites’!

The first track is called ‘Impending Doom’ and kicks in like an injection of doom with its dark tones of ‘evil death’ synth bass heaviness. Around that we hear a whole construction of flying bats, cannibals in a ancient language dancing around a new carved cooking pot in their nakedness!

‘The Hunt’ is absolute something that even though you are familiar with Phantasm Nocturnes work will surprises you! This is a highly original work where bongo rhythms are giving a complete new treatment and the happiness of hunting elders and warriors are searching for fresh landed tourist in the nearby holiday resort. You can hear that our wild friends are having a great time, and basically while listening to these funky god worshipping power drums I can simply not help it but loving these cannibals!  I wish there was a way to join them, get involved, run around naked with a spear, or preparing the spices with the local cooks.. Unfortunately even though I don’t have a lot of meat, I bet it will not end up very well for me. Lucky that this track exist as it is really the closest thing to feel the euphoria the group of hunting cannibals have when searching for a pretty feast meal!

The next track ‘Prelude to death’ is yet again from a different kind, as now it feels like indeed we are on the wrong side of the cannibal camp. Trapped in cooking pots with bewildered tourists from all over the globe some kind of village doctor is doing drum sessions on the lids of the pans.  The amazing thing is that the grooves are actually so good that there is no hair on my head thinking of escaping the bowling heath of the soup I’m boiling in. The dark tones of music that is layered below all this, seems inferior to the hypnotic rhythms.

‘Canibal Rites’ is something special as the deep layered sounds of doom and gloom are dragging our thoughts to the world of death. We hear glimpses of cannibals rituals and movements while our brains are swallowed in a deep mess of darkness. Totally accepting faith when hearing the happiness of the village people looking forward to their ‘happy meall’. Mmm I’m loving it, comes to mind.
Slowly the glimpses of sounds are getting more intensive as some other people in the cooking pots are getting fried like a chicken. The music is pure doom and gloom but at the same time very freaking interesting!

Survivor of the fittest’ is the last adventure on this release and it seems like the guest vocals are supplied here by various animals like monkeys, lions, pigs, birds and other wild life. This on top of a sound track that is somehow disturbing as well as comforting creates the effect that all the cannibals are dead by nature as the jungle creatures have licked the pots and pans and got the sweet taste for human flesh. (and a apple)

This is the end my friends and it is yet again like a amazing movie what the artist has created with this cannibal themed work.  It’s intensive and the combination of reality and fiction really gives this music a extra ordinary twist. Anyway this music made me very hungry so I’m going to find a salad or some flowers to eat (as I am suddenly scared for revenge of wild life).
Please do check this album out if you are in the mood for an encounter with cannibalistic music:

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