Scorpion Frequency – Prey For Alle (E.P.)

Artist: Scorpion Frequency
title: Prey For Alle (E.P.)
keywords: Industrial, Metal, Electronica
label: Deadknife

I am in an insane mood of pure wrecking violence and just wanted to share this release that really feeds the amazing vibes perfectly. This is the amazing E.P. by Scorpion Frequency with an upbeat fantastic industrial metal punk outburst of excellent aggression! The ‘Kill Order’ track has certainly gained my interest as it kicks balls and girls vaginas! The power this track is spreading through its dark vibes is probably the best I have heard since a long time. It is a an act of true music that stays in your head like a war mongering soundtrack for all your anarchistic actions! With this on your ears every revolution will be a solid one and without doubt you will be the immortal winner! Think dark catchy synth melodic pieces, pure aggression of electric guitars that are super tight and the all destroying beats that certainly will hype you the fuck up!

‘Occut Crimewave’ is the next track that moves in slowly but surely in to your earlobes. And when the volume is at the rightful level all hell breaks loose! It feels like all the good elements of the first track have returned with the addition of the amazing vocal work! Loving the electric edits and cut ups and the nightrider themed ass hoe kicking! Especially when there is all the alarms going off and the music is grabbing the listener by their throats with pure wild bashes of brilliantness! This stuff is sick man!!

‘Prey For All’ tricks the listener by not exactly giving the listener what it is expecting and in this case it is an uneasy insane track of pure mental hardcore trickery! Which is absolutely going more mental and darker than anything you possible could imagine! Loving the rolling beats and the amazing hype that is created over here! This music is absolutely brilliant and original in the industrial electronica metal field! If you want to bang your head or make your shit friends shut the fuck up about their commercial boyband metal crap, than just simply blow them away with the quality of Scorpion Frequency!  Really great stuff that feels like a kick in the butts and contains pure action!

The last track is Supersoldier’ which is a pure doo-gooder that will simply blow you away with its insane mental perfectness that kicks everything you ever heard away in the far distance! This is industrial music how it should like without any cheese and pure braces of aggression. Loving how the whole track hints to the good side of old school drum n base is reincarnated in this very violent track of this wicked band! Every detail is splendid and moved in to make the track as hard as possible, and you don’t need to be an expert to hear that it works, very very very well! |

Absolutely a winner in the field of quality industrial metal/electronica! And it’s totally free for download too! Grab this stuff and be amazed how fucking sick it is! Totally recommended:

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