Bastard Child – a cool night air

artist: Bastard Child
Title: a cool night air
cat: siro411
format: 320kbsp mp3
keywords: harsh noise, ambient noise
label: Sirona Records

are you ready to poor yourself a nice hot cup of instant noise? Be aware that when accepting this release into your precious ears that it gets without warning drowned into a intensive session of harsh noise pleasure. Even though the sound is very full on there is definitely lot more going on than being heard on the outer layers of this track. Deep down surrounded by this zooming buzzing wall of noise there is a diversity of actions and sounds. This is a noise track with the intention to keep your ears wide open in search for clarifications of what is happening behind the mask of deep low sound that massages your eardrums. It is an experience to listen to this music and basically needs your full attention and focus. So much things going on and interesting movements within this noise phenomena that its absolutely awakens the listener as well as it exhaust.

after the experience of the first track we hear the second one which is building up more slowly than its little sister. The sounds are still very raw but managed to sound at the same time very heavenly. I do not believe in heaven but if there was one i would definitely love it to hear angels making this beauty of noise-music instead of the boring harp stuff. Very angelic and it makes me think i’m listening to warm bagpipes or strings that are endless. Whatever it is, i think its a well surprising act of beautiful music!

To be honest i did choose this release completely random and did not check the artist name or any other info attached to it. Basically i downloaded it and pressed play and clicked instantly into this deep world that i seemed to enjoy perfectly.
After these two tracks left my ears there was definitely a hunger for more but unfortunately the E.P. contains only two audio pieces. When i saw the artists responsible for this music i was not surprised as it was Bastard Child and Pollux (with its own take of a remix on the first Bastard Child track on this release) that simply provided the intensive magic. What a great team and what a really great experience to hear! I definitely would love to poor myself another cup of the noise these two gentle characters have brewed over here. It feels like Bastard Child challenges the listeners mind by keeping it spinning and busy with all the things that are going on, while pollux rewards you with a layer of sweet cream and sugar as a reward for the intensive listening session!
Absolutely nice work!
You also fancy a cup, than be sure to get it over here:

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