Bloody Romero – I Remember The Rain

artist: Bloody Romero
title: I Remember The Rain
cat: PICPACK164
keywords: IDM, Electronic
label: Picpack

Perhaps you can identify with these moments when you find yourself in some kind of loneliness. A sad feeling of being in a world without anyone who understands what you feel or who can help you at that moment in time. Depression is perhaps a tough word, but it all interacts with each other in some kind of devilish way. For moment like this there is always one friend who will always be there for you, someone that comforts you and give you a hug and tells you it is all alright. Music is your biggest friend, biggest savior in any moment or feeling in time & today i try to introduce you to something made of love for these lonely times.  Bloody Romero made such a cute little E.P. which i could consider a friend you can count on called “I remember The Rain”. It taps into this previously described feeling of loneliness but once its in your ears you are suddenly not alone anymore. The music is warm and understandable, it goes from one lone soul to another. Perhaps I’m describing this EP too dramatic but this is in all sincerity how i felt while hearing this music. Shall we go through it together so we all can hold hands and feel united once and for all?

A lonely piano is played a light melody that interlocks with your feelings and is able to win your trust for safety. The music triggers your emotions and knows exactly how to infiltrate your sensitive senses.
This track is called “Get Up! Get Up! ” and when it starts you will have the illusion that this title is absolutely wrongly chosen as it rather sound like it will push you a little bit further in that dramatic emo mood you are bathing in. Until suddenly the music comes to life and Bloody Romero comes to the rescue with a hand around your shoulder, a fine kick in the butt (but not too hard!) and above all quality mood altering music that will make you straighten your back and replace your emotional wreck mood into something more constructive and energetic! Get Up ! fuck it all , its not so bad at all, things could be worse! Get Up and enjoy the magic of this music for example!

SIN Exctua is the next musical medicine and this time our ears are wiggling from pure joy as this sweet electronica simply aims for the heart and fills it up with smiling unicorns, happy cats and the tastiest ice creams! Well this is of course a personal experience but i can tell you that every listener will get an overload of happy feel good thoughts while listening to this track. All your self created sadness from just several minutes ago just went completely out of sight and out of the window. No psychiatrist or local Dr Phil can beat the universal language and medicine that is Music! And if perhaps you are a bit short of imagination and cant visualize the unicorns than its always good to know that you can enjoy the recognition of old school feel good IDM music that you where always so fond off back in the days.. oh sweet nostalgia!

If you think this would be enough musical drugs to keep you happy and sane than better prepare yourself for the last track as that one brings you even more nostalgia than the previous tune as it will bring back your childhood sleeping time moments. Perhaps not of course but as a baby my parents always dumped me in the bed with a music thingy. Something you pulled and than some cute music box kind of theme started to play.. no idea how its called, but perhaps you know what i mean.. Anyway in the last track there is the comfort of a sweet rain and indeed that sound of music i recognize as the sign for me to go to sleep. Luckily i didn’t put my thumb in my mouth and went to sleep hearing this as this music will happily surprise you yet again. I swear one moment and I’m feeling sentimental thinking about the time when i was a diaper shitting baby and the next I’m dancing with my hyperactive dog the ballroom blitz! This is WOW and don’t overstate this WoW factor! The thing is that these complete opposites of emotions and feelings are totally making sense in these tracks Bloody Romero has created for us! It is incredible and mind boggling material that will safe you in expensive therapy and is also just very great music too! really impressive what this music does and i hope that it can convert many more lonely souls into a happy raging dog twisting dancer with glowing smiles on the face! respect!
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